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The last thing up my pussy was your hot, delicious, uncircumcised cock wrapped in a non-latex condom, and the next thing up my pussy will be 5.5g of the cleanest, most powerful cannabis concentrates wrapped in a non-latex condom. I know it’s stupid, that we met on OKCupid. Proof the algorithms still work for those Read More

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What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever stolen?  Theft has different strains of appreciation and contempt across the world, but there are common threads. One of these is that perhaps nothing belongs to anyone anyway. Another is that it is punishable. And one of these is that a woman caught stealing doesn’t face the same consequence Read More

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Throughout the months my lover comes and visits my house. The plant trade brings him through, but he always finds a way to stay the night. His stays though unanalyzed evolve into the kind of time better described by the title “long distance boyfriend”, measured in part by the things he leaves at my house: a Read More

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Hot Cougar Roleplay

Bardia is still roaming the country after our two trysts in Boulder, and I am in the Northeast, so like a good cougar woman I rent a car and drive 6 hours to meet him in Boston. I’ve retrieved some of my clothing from New York, which I know he will be pleased about. I Read More

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Homeland Security

God Bless America. I love the open road. I am traversing 3000 square miles at my leisure, and watching the states roll into one another and the dramatic crests and troughs of the landscape of the United States of America. Freedom of movement is one of the purest ways to experience the elusive American concept Read More

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Is once a cheater, always a cheater true? I’ve cheated before but this is different. This isn’t cheating. I’m not a cheater. Everyone gets what they deserve. Seductress. Mistress. Homewrecker. I started cheating in my teens. At first online. Partying (as in game partying) with men a decade older in the online gaming of the Read More

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Becoming a Cougar

The second Persian is four years after the first. And, Sepehr, I am so grateful for you. You were the transition in becoming a cougar. You set up the taste for Persians that still persists. Everyone needs a Persian Prince. Or five. I’m driving. Again, crossing the country. This time, I have taken every Interstate so Read More

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The last day of Bardia’s first visit he begs begs me to do drugs and so I act as babysitter for him on LSD. It doesn’t occur to me how traumatic a student immigrant’s life might be, and how deep the fear of Iran goes in Iranians, nor does it occur to me that it Read More

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Make America Great Again

Make America Great Again is trending, as it should be 11 days before the 2016 election. A friend and I cross paths in our hometown and I give him a ride to where he’s staying and meet his host. There’s an instant shock of chemistry between me and the host. He’s a healthy looking, robust Read More