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In this moment, you are my lover. “Scared”, I say, staring into his eyes. A veil of his sandy hair draping over the corner of one of them. Not an hour earlier he shook with embarrassment to tell me that he didn’t like my body, and that had impacted his attraction to me and his Read More

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Mendo Strain

I’m smoking hash from a Mendo strain on a ranch in Mendocino County. I traveled here on winding roads. Winding roads through rugged beautiful country, redwoods and grey skies – through pocket-sized towns that make obvious the dominant industry, head shops, hydro shops, healthy restaurants and hippie goods sprinkled among the basic supplies for rural Read More

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I dedicate this passage to D – who doesn’t know what it’s like to come up on LSD. To commit oneself to an unseen future… an unknown duration… a guesstimated dosage. I bet when D thinks of drugs he thinks of is as binary, “under the influence” or “not under the influence”. He doesn’t intimately Read More

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Israeli Man at Burning Man

I am supposed to find someone, for some forgotten reason. Not looking for my first Israeli lover. Finding him is an accident. And so I visit a camp I never would, full of people, and ask around. I don’t find them. Instead, I find Nisim. A hot Israeli man. This hot Israeli man knows the Read More

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Tweaker Pool

“So, yeah, at the bridge come off toward Rio Nido along the river” “Uh-huh” Phone between my chin and shoulder, I am writing this down on the back of an envelope, my pen is running out so I’m scribbling furiously to get the ink to flow again. “And then go, like, past where Rio Nido starts Read More

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St Louis Man

My first visit to St Louis is a convergence of coincidence and strangeness and weather. Within one hour of arriving a friend I’ve just met who is hosting me, and who becomes a brother to me, is crying with me about our mutual friend who hung himself the year before.  RIP Kang. Within three hours Read More

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Route 36

It starts out with an idea: Route 36, Bolivia. Bolivia shocks and woos me from the moment I land in La Paz. There is profound allure in Bolivian urban indigenous culture. I love cities, I love major metropolitan cities. The best cities are capital cities. I didn’t know it before I came to La Paz, Read More

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Mile High Club

Joining the Mile High Club isn’t enough. We have to do it on the longest, highest altitude commercial flight. That’s the premium Mile High Club certificate. Los Angeles to Maui. Mainland US to Hawaii is the farthest destination over water reachable by a single leg of a commercial flight. Most flights fly in curves, trying to Read More

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Ruta Del Mezcal

My Zapotec host in Oaxaca City greets me with a 2-gallon glass wine jug full of Espadin. He also has a Tobala and a Tepeztate, and later, two more liters of different Espadin from different harvests and batches. All are made by his family. I have already been a fan of mezcal for some years, Read More