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Magic Bob

“Magic Bob” is an excerpt from my first book, Down and Out in California. At the turn of the century, I’m honing my hustle. I find practice and three hundred dollars per day after taxes in California’s unique voter driven ballot initiative system. I am a paid petitioner. Human nature and how it relates to Read More

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Halloween Lover

Why am I hiding in the bathroom on Halloween night? Drunk on Kyrgyz vodka and cognac and dirty sexting and creating hot audio porn with Him. My favorite lover. My Halloween lover. This year. Because my Halloween lover has all the control. If he has the time and inclination I have the motivation. And this Read More

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I’d say after twenty years the statute of limitations has run out on blogging about details of past relationships. I had a boyfriend who was a good man, whose only sin was a lack of self-confidence that led to a childhood of substance abuse and eventually a binge alcoholism justified by him in its relative Read More

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Where will I go when it’s over? To the Los Angeles after party. To the rave.  I’m not sure if they still have the after parties in Los Angeles like we used to, because I’m out of touch and the party scene is different in every place, and I’m never anywhere for very long. I’m Read More

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This is a story about marijuana addiction. Maybe. “Hi my name is Zoe and I’m an addict.” The only woman of color in the room hugs me and hands me a small, lavender-colored, plastic disc with “MA” printed on one side and “Keep Coming Back!” printed on the other. It hangs from a short chain. Read More



I am 9 and it is summertime. Beautiful, humid, upstate NY weather with the cicadas and soft breezes. Naked outside weather, not too hot to sleep weather.   It is an early night for us all – I am in my bed and hear my parents snoring – my father a roaring drone, my mother Read More

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Persian Stripper

I’m standing in the street frowning because I am now missing a Persian stripper, and I’m at Burning Man, and my BachelorX Party is just hours away, and it’s burn night, and I’m at the height of my Persian phase. Where am I going to find a Persian stripper on burn night? My Australian neighbor Read More

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Amsterdam (Live Sex Shows)

I am 19 and in Amsterdam I visit two live sex shows in one night. The night after the Amsterdam live sex shows, I get truly stoned for the first time. I buy some weed but then it is late and I have nothing to smoke it with, having only taken hits of other people’s Read More

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Vegas (Toiler Paper Tubes Stuffed with Dryer Sheets and Choke Porn)

There is about 40 years spread between my first and my most recent visit to Las Vegas, peppered with about a dozen visits in between these, and many toilet paper tubes stuffed with dryer sheets. I’ve learned over these many visits never stay more than 48 hours. One overnight is usually enough, two is a Read More