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Your Cock

“So your hands are they on your phone? Neck, breasts or between your legs? Or somewhere else. I have never done this before.” he lies. We’ve participated in sexy writings. We’re doing it real time though. We haven’t done that much. But we will. Many sexy writings to come. It is Eid. We have wished Read More

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Weed: Israel and Palestine

Israeli Weed in Three Cities Tel Aviv-Yafo SMASH. Everyone starts at the sound of glass breaking. It’s one of the few times I see the deep trauma and fear lurking just below the surface in all who call Israel and/or Palestine home. A sketchy deadbeat angrily saunters away from the outdoor patio. There’s a panic Read More

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The Russian Lovers: Russian Kazakh Lover

This real sex story is partly about hairy women, partly about Kazakhstan. It isn’t at all about hairy women IN Kazakhstan, though. I fly from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Reeling from an experience of extreme totalitarianism into one that is only milder in comparison. But – there is heavily populated online dating, and there Read More

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Happy Pizza

What is Happy Pizza in Cambodia? It’s pizza with weed on it. Cambodia weed pizza. Weed is happiness. 🙂 I try only one Happy Pizza joint in Siem Reap during my first visit to Cambodia, and so when I return to Cambodia and visit Phnom Penh, it becomes my mission to try them all. Cambodia Read More

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Maltese Lover

I feel unduly proud of myself for having sex in a car with a Maltese lover, because they are rare. Malta is small and placed at a nautical crossroads, but the defining characteristic of the archipelago called Malta is that it has no source of freshwater. This has limited and shaped Malta’s use and growth Read More

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Hot Sex I Didn’t Have: $599 Male Prostitute

Hot sex I didn’t have. Hot sex I might have desperately wanted, but still didn’t have. My tales on this today fall into the category of things that sounded like a brilliant and hot idea at the time, but that my body and gut just could not go along with.  There are certainly other things Read More

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Italian Cars and Cocaine or Mastro’s and the Maserati

Italian cars and cocaine make a good pair, and they hang well on the nouveau riche. Both the shinier the better and made for speed that life doesn’t quite let us open up into. When in Bologna a few years back, I visit the headquarters, factories, and museums for Ducati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati on Read More

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I’ve been to Bangkok around seven times. I usually peruse the red light districts of Bangkok while there, but I’m just a window shopper. Bangkok in general is lovely. I love that it fully caters to my needs as a USAmerican while retaining its own culture vibrantly. Thailand has never been colonized, and that fact Read More

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Anal Sex

Two confessions about the first time I had anal sex:  It was in the raw. Unprotected anal sex. It was the only time I’ve received anal sex. I think the thing that made me want to fuck JR was his black and white thinking, which was also what made him get under my skin. I Read More