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Don’t cry for me, Cartagena: Jewish James Bond

This won’t be your ordinary Cartagena travel blog. Yes, I did the ordinary Cartagena travel blog things. Wandered the streets of Old Cartagena. They mostly involved cannons. Lots of thick, old, walls. Colonial buildings and museums wherein I learned that from its New World headquarters in Cartagena, Colombia – the Spanish Inquisition stretched as far Read More

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New York Smells Like Weed Now – For Dad

New York smells like weed now.  Covid’s still here, but people seem to collectively be coming to the conclusion that it’s done its worst. It killed Aunt Sheila. The cold war turned hot, but I don’t want to talk about it much because I know you’d be rolling in your grave, if you had one. Read More

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Roommate Sex

This is a post about roommate sex, but not about roommate sex I had with my roommate. In fact, I never have had sex with any roommates I’ve had. Yet. I have, however, had sex with two pairs of different roommates before. Which, in case this title made you too horny to do basic math, Read More

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Cannabis in Argentina: Buenos Aires Weed

Buenos Aires weed is not the biggest draw. It’s the vibration of the city itself as expressed in everything there as well as the Buenos Aires weed that has me entranced.  I’m not sure why, but I fantasize about Buenos Aires for many years. I suppose it might be the impact of Evita, which has Read More

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Brazilian Weed

My favorite thing about Brazil is not Brazilian weed. I love the shameless display of the human body. All shapes, all sizes, all colors, just let it all hang out.  So many places caught in the clutch of Abrahamic religions have added way too much cloth to be comfortable – especially hot places. Especially black Read More

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How Can I Write About Sex With You Now?

How can I write about sex with you now? We have had so much sex I can’t remember half of it. I tell you this and you think you weren’t memorable. It’s not that. My memory is seared with you. My life has a screen burn-in of you. We haven’t had enough sex. Will we Read More

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Burning Man 1998

Burning Man 1998 is not something I plan. It’s July and I’m over at a horrible lover’s house who has invited me there and is now ignoring me as I sit alone in his living room near his roommate who is working, yet still trying to be nice to me because of the awkward situation. Read More

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Latex Fetish Sex with The Mad Scientist

Latex fetish sex wasn’t my thing, but I did it anyway. Fucking a drug dealer wasn’t enough for me. I had to fuck a drug manufacturer. He was 6 foot 7 inches tall. Had an extra bend in his spine. Bald. Asymmetrical face and crooked jaw. Some of my colleagues called him “Lurch” and I Read More