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20% Battery

“I want to cut your hair. U asked me to” he types. I’ve been reveling in the free sexy chat for days. I fantasize about him cutting my hair still.

“Yes. I want to hug you.”

“Hug. Hugs.”

“I want to kiss you” I press further.

“Before i cut your hair i must kiss you. Your neck your ears the folds of your ears and behind your forehead the nape of your neck. So yes. Please kiss me.” he asks.

“Little shivers and sparkles. Kiss you deeply. Kiss you in the present now, nothing else but kissing you.” I type.


“Kiss with hands on your face. With knuckles brushed across your temples, with soft lips. I wear no bra, just showered, but I guess I will need to again. Little cut hairs. Soft hugs with kisses. Hi. You horny?” I ask.

After reading you yes. U?”

“Same I didn’t start out that way but yes. Feeling you in my clit. It’s the first day of my period. I mean, I know you’ve been craving blood…..” I trail off.

“Longtime. Your kisses are so sweet.”

“I love to see the micro changes in hor different parts of your face and neck that react to kisses. And what kind of kisses. Phat wet kisses, little pecks, just trailing lips over your skin, learning all your nooks, a bit of teeth in the stubble, soft back of hands, sticky front of hands…” I admit.

“So your kisses are special.” he types.

“You deserve special kisses. That square. You just interrupted me to ask me if you could kiss me. That moment just etched itself on my memory. The rhythm. The music in my nervous system. The feeling of your lips. Your hands. Your cock. The sweat. The eyes of strangers. It is the energy passed. I can receive you. I want to kiss you and fuck you. You have practice. Intention. Magic.” I type.

“I only have 20% battery. But I suppose that maybe is enough because I’m bringing you to bed” he says, by voice.

“I feel you carrying me to bed.” I type. “I can ignore that I’m a giant in this fantasy. Hands under my ass, legs around you. Facing you. Tall girls don’t get carried much.” I pine.

“And so I carried the passive showered body to the bed. I carried that body to a bed.” he says, again by voice. And I am still typing.

“And my hands around your neck still kissing you. Trembling pulses from navel to clit.” I type.

“Let us lie upon a bed, because I cannot carry you forever.” he says.

“Kissing you in bed. Naked in bed.” I type.

“My hands run throughout your hair and over your body. I must undress.” he types.

“What r u wearing and your 20% battery makes me nervous, just strip.” I command.

It does make me nervous. It takes it from a fun, free sexy chat into something with pressure and a timeline. Almost feels commercial.

Free Sexy Chat

“I’m naked. I’m between your legs. I have blood on my tongue.” he says. His voice makes me weak. Even under time pressure I can’t resist his sexy chat.

“I’m on my back. Still passive. Looking at you. Still not expecting you to lick me even when you are. Still not expecting anything. Delighted by everything. Not very bloody anymore already. Wet.” I type.

“I run fingers through your hair again. Then i see you on your back again.”

“I got what I wanted. I got your attention. Your sexy chat. And your kiss.”

“I know each fibre of your sex is engorged just a little bit more sensitive. Which is why i slip into such a tight wet space.” he says.

“I wonder what you’ll do to me. Lucky roll of the dice. Can’t fuck you every day, though sometimes, in my mind… Every day for weeks… aching for your cock. So. I am. Passive. Wet. Pleading eyes. For ten years I came dreaming of a voice like yours. It makes me so easy for you. I love and hate it. My training tells me I’m supposed to give you hurdles. So I just am all quiet and dumb and staring you in the eyes thinking ‘fuck me fuck me fuck me please fuck me’ but can’t ask.”

“Nor can i without permission. U want to fuck? U want to fuck i fuck you. I am already fucking you.”

“I have so far never in my life not wanted to fuck you. Kissing deeper. Rougher.”

“Pushing taboos.” he types.

“What’s that did you say suck your cock? I want to be closer to your cock. Feel texture. Temperature. I want to make myself come feeling you fuck my face. Sliding my hands between your legs, fingers pulling you into me and of course, good girl, I want to hear those magic words ‘best blowjob of my life’. I want to feel you shoot cum across my tongue and instead of pushing you in to swallow like I’d do if I was drunk on the floor of a closet at a party…

We’re not there, we’re in a beautiful soft bed, and I want you to pull out to my lips as you come and taste your come across every mm of my tongue.

And then swallow. Staring into your eyes, your cock in my mouth, my fingers sliding around my clit. Flicking over sensitive spots from all the orgasms you’ve given me you can feel me twitch in your cock. And I wonder what % u r.”

There is silence at the other end. I send a voice message. I fret about his 20% battery.

“It’s so hot here. And I’m so hot. And you’re outta juice huh.” No more free sexy chat.

Still silence. I continue. His 20% battery has run out.

I pad downstairs and grab some ice from the freezer. It’s a hot night, and hot nights make me horny. I send him more voice messages.

“And I know you’re mercifully offline, but I’m still thinking about your kisses. And now I’ve got five ice cubes, and they’re very sticky and cold, and I’m going to put one on each breast, and one on my stomach and one on each … just above my kneecap.” I make noises, yowl as the cubes touch me. Let him hear my reactions and moans.

“It’s helping. I love the heat, I really do, I love it. It’s just… a lot. At once. Of it.” I smile.

“I let them melt a little bit, and then I put one of them in my mouth.” The words are spoken around the ice cube “That’s much better. I wish you were here.”

Resigning myself to his 20% battery. He’s not coming back tonight. At least, not until he charges.

“Hugs as if I’ve known you for lifetimes. Kisses as if we just met.”


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