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DMT Extraction: Divine Moments of Truth

It is of course The Mad Scientist who walks me through DMT extraction. But he doesn’t actually walk me through. He creates a set of step-by-step instructions. The Mad Scientist was always very good at step-by-step instructions, both following them and giving them.  So good, perhaps, that he bordered on overconfidence. In all the years Read More

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Amazing Discovery: My Tokyo Trip

I buy my best friend birthday presents for years without nothing in return. He moves to Tokyo to pursue his dreams of finding a Japanese wife (I mean, other dreams too, but, that’s the one that counts).  There’s a point at which he emails me in a panic because every Japanese condom he has tried Read More

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Magic Bob

“Magic Bob” is an excerpt from my first book, Down and Out in California. At the turn of the century, I’m honing my hustle. I find practice and three hundred dollars per day after taxes in California’s unique voter driven ballot initiative system. I am a paid petitioner. Human nature and how it relates to Read More