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Burning Man 2001: Knee Deep in Dust on GHB

Burning Man 2001. As I write this many are headed to or already at Burning Man 2022. I’ll admit for the first time since I quit going, I’ve the urge. Of course the urge comes only a few months after I’ve liquidated my Burning Man storage entirely, gifted away to other burners.  But this is Read More

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Burning Man 1998

Burning Man 1998 is not something I plan. It’s July and I’m over at a horrible lover’s house who has invited me there and is now ignoring me as I sit alone in his living room near his roommate who is working, yet still trying to be nice to me because of the awkward situation. Read More

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I dedicate this passage to D – who doesn’t know what it’s like to come up on LSD. To commit oneself to an unseen future… an unknown duration… a guesstimated dosage. I bet when D thinks of drugs he thinks of is as binary, “under the influence” or “not under the influence”. He doesn’t intimately Read More

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The last day of Bardia’s first visit he begs begs me to do drugs and so I act as babysitter for him on LSD. It doesn’t occur to me how traumatic a student immigrant’s life might be, and how deep the fear of Iran goes in Iranians, nor does it occur to me that it Read More