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Burning Man 2001: Knee Deep in Dust on GHB

Burning Man 2001. As I write this many are headed to or already at Burning Man 2022. I’ll admit for the first time since I quit going, I’ve the urge. Of course the urge comes only a few months after I’ve liquidated my Burning Man storage entirely, gifted away to other burners.  But this is Read More

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Great Mistakes of Burning Man 1999

So many great mistakes and stupid lessons at Burning Man 1999. It was my second Burning Man.  Folks have a wonderful year the first year they go to Burning Man. Minds blown. Then come back to Burning Man for their second year and have a terrible time of it.  I call this “The Terrible Twos”, Read More

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I’ve been to Bangkok around seven times. I usually peruse the red light districts of Bangkok while there, but I’m just a window shopper. Bangkok in general is lovely. I love that it fully caters to my needs as a USAmerican while retaining its own culture vibrantly. Thailand has never been colonized, and that fact Read More

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Where will I go when it’s over? To the Los Angeles after party. To the rave.  I’m not sure if they still have the after parties in Los Angeles like we used to, because I’m out of touch and the party scene is different in every place, and I’m never anywhere for very long. I’m Read More