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Trading Drugs

Trading drugs? If I wasn’t desperate for rent money and about to go to Burning Man 2001, I would never have let RP bring a stranger to my rented apartment where I grew hidden mushrooms under my bed that even my own roommate didn’t know about.   But I was, and I acquiesced and a small Read More

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Burning Man 2001: Knee Deep in Dust on GHB

Burning Man 2001. As I write this many are headed to or already at Burning Man 2022. I’ll admit for the first time since I quit going, I’ve the urge. Of course the urge comes only a few months after I’ve liquidated my Burning Man storage entirely, gifted away to other burners.  But this is Read More

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How to grow psychedelic mushrooms…

“How to grow psychedelic mushrooms” is an excerpt about growing magic mushrooms from my first book, Down and Out in California.  I am beginning to worry about the smell of the mushrooms under my bed.  I learn to grow mushrooms the way everyone does these days, from The Magic Mushroom Grower’s Guide, a document I download Read More

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Ruta Del Mezcal

My Zapotec host in Oaxaca City greets me with a 2-gallon glass wine jug full of Espadin. He also has a Tobala and a Tepeztate, and later, two more liters of different Espadin from different harvests and batches. All are made by his family. I have already been a fan of mezcal for some years, Read More