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Fill Me With Spunk

Don’t fill me with spunk. It’s our only rule. Favorite. Too much weight on our shoulders. The bond between us loose and sagging, trailing on the ground. Getting dirty. Moldy. Weak Favorite. I’m uncertain. I believe in you. Plan for you. That future with us sitting across a table from each other writing. The one Read More

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Trading Drugs

Trading drugs? If I wasn’t desperate for rent money and about to go to Burning Man 2001, I would never have let RP bring a stranger to my rented apartment where I grew hidden mushrooms under my bed that even my own roommate didn’t know about.   But I was, and I acquiesced and a small Read More

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Men in Glasses

Men in glasses. Specifically: men over fifty in reading glasses. Hot fucking damn. That feeling when a desire shows up for the first time, or when I recognize it for the first time. Like – how could this thing that makes me willing to trade a hundred sunsets for it and pulls my body into Read More

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Kenya in Africa, Kenya in me

Kenya in Africa. Born in Africa. Kisii man from Nairobi. I don’t meet him in Africa. I meet my Kisii man from Nairobi in Berkeley, California. Ain’t easy being an African in USAmerica. It’s over a decade later when I am in Kenya in Africa for the first, second, and third time. Nairobi. Mombasa. Nairobi Read More

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How to Get a Woman to Sext You?

How to get a woman to sext you? Try starting by acknowledging that many women turns you on but you want to fuck her the most. “I am about to wrap a band around my cock and his floppy bits beneath in a triple knot engorged almost edging on pain hard and olive oil across Read More

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What is Pegging? (A Guest Post by my Favo(u)rite Lover)

What is pegging? Thursday Girl and I attempt to answer this after we have spent a week of exchanging emojis and planning how to make our next fuckfest extra memorable and special whilst pushing the boundaries of our CIS hetro female / male identities. Usual stuff. “Try anything once”. “Can I peg you?” asks Thursday Read More

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Best Friend’s Wedding: Best Man with Benefits

Best Man with benefits? Yup. Did that. Oh call me an asshole for fucking the best man at my best friend’s wedding, but he was an underwater welder, for fuck’s sake. Come on.  Ex-junkie, done time, hard as fuck, street savant. And kind of a drunk. Oy. Me and the alcoholics. It all starts at Read More

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What Unrequited Love

What unrequited love… Part 3 of 3. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. and I’m angry. I’m angry at you for painting me as an addict craving “The Mirror Effect”. That’s fucked up. I love you. Authentically, not just for the pleasure you bring me. I have a host of realistic, difficult, painful, deep Read More

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Oversharing Red Flag

The very definition of an oversharing red flag: Part 2 of 3. Part 1 is here. I am going to try out a new yoga class today (Saturday, July 2) at 2:30. Hope I like it. I don’t like this process. Lifestyle repair. 🙂 Speaking of repair – my nails are still holding up. Not Read More

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How Not To Overshare

How not to overshare? Write it all down and don’t send it. Part 1 of 3: The dog ate my homework. Actually he ruined 4th of July. Actually he’s not a dog. I’m astounded with him sometimes. I had a big blowout with him tonight (July 1st) where I just pointed psychic Zoe at him Read More