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Berlin Blind Date

My Berlin blind date takes place just after my second visit to Malta, which isn’t worth writing about. Normally I would not go to Berlin just for a blind date, but in this case it is Sepehr who has, since we met, consistently suggested the idea to both me and his best friend.  I figure Read More

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The Persian Lovers: Bardia at Cambridge

I haven’t seen Bardia or had his cock since Boston, it’s been just over a year. In the meantime he’s admitted to a PhD program at Cambridge.  I’m proud of him, and note the weird mixture of feelings. I feel pride in a way that makes it obvious that I am older than him. There Read More

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Persian Stripper

I’m standing in the street frowning because I am now missing a Persian stripper, and I’m at Burning Man, and my BachelorX Party is just hours away, and it’s burn night, and I’m at the height of my Persian phase. Where am I going to find a Persian stripper on burn night? My Australian neighbor Read More

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Stop. Falling. In. Love. With. Monogamous Men.

Latest excruciating self-torture in The Zoeverse: Falling in love with monogamous men. I don’t fantasize.  I replay. Recall an erotic encounter so intense I didn’t fully take it in, and then repeat it over and over again in my mind, deepening my relationship to it in every sweet, hot, juicy, dripping detail. Exquisite remembering. Perhaps Read More

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Hot Cougar Roleplay

Bardia is still roaming the country after our two trysts in Boulder, and I am in the Northeast, so like a good cougar woman I rent a car and drive 6 hours to meet him in Boston. I’ve retrieved some of my clothing from New York, which I know he will be pleased about. I Read More

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Becoming a Cougar

The second Persian is four years after the first. And, Sepehr, I am so grateful for you. You were the transition in becoming a cougar. You set up the taste for Persians that still persists. Everyone needs a Persian Prince. Or five. I’m driving. Again, crossing the country. This time, I have taken every Interstate so Read More

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The last day of Bardia’s first visit he begs begs me to do drugs and so I act as babysitter for him on LSD. It doesn’t occur to me how traumatic a student immigrant’s life might be, and how deep the fear of Iran goes in Iranians, nor does it occur to me that it Read More

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The Persian Lovers: The First Persian

As my desire for Persian men deepens, I reflect on the Persians I’ve been with before, and at first forget about Darab – my first Persian lover – because he doesn’t fit any of the profiles I’ve set up for myself around Persians. He is Baháʼí, not Muslim. He is my age, or slightly older, Read More

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Young Persian Lover

I’m spending a couple months at my parents’ house in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is homogenous, wealthy, and white, and I am bored and restless. I begin accepting Couchsurfers, looking for some diverse interactions. A 25-year old Persian from Shiraz, Iran who has studied in the US for the last 4 years contacts me.  His profile Read More

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So I’m in bed with Bardia, 25, Persian, from Shiraz but has lived in the US for 4 years. I’m looking at our legs, crossed. His body is long and lanky, thicker around the hips and smaller around the shoulders. He shows signs of growth spurts, which I slyly map with my eyes so that Read More