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Jail Tales

I am unquestionably fortunate that my jail tales don’t include any of my own incarceration.  I am USAmerican and a white female. Thanks to the former I’m far more likely to have done time in jail or prison than most people in my circle. Thanks to the latter, I am not. My jail tales start Read More

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Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Places I Have Taken Meetings for Work

One of the more jarring parts of the digital nomad lifestyle is taking meetings in USAmerica while being in someplace that is very much not USAmerica.  I like to immerse myself in the places I visit. Work is one of the things that keeps me rooted to USAmerica, because even though I work with a Read More

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Balkan Weed 2

The second in my series of posts on Balkan weed… and rakija. Bulgaria I am told that I am not trying the best weed in Bulgaria, yet still I am sure that the best weed in Bulgaria is on the same spectrum as what I do try.  It isn’t good.  It’s clean enough, at least, Read More

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Hot Bulgarian Coworker

“What would you love?” “To kiss you.” he says.  And we do. And the yearning, aching, innocence within us claws for one another. We’re kissing, and before I know it he’s on top of me, his dick hard against me, I’m pulling at his clothing.  The world fades and there he is. Smiling. His afflictions Read More

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I picked up SARS-CoV-2 at Chernobyl and brought it to Auschwitz

It’s a Friday night in Krakow when I feel the first symptoms I suspect to be SARS-CoV-2. It feels like I’m about to get sick, but something is different. I feel hot, like I have an allergic reaction. Immediately, I suspect Covid. I’ve just been in Ukraine, which is experiencing a spike in the number Read More

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Getting into Bulgaria: Travel from Bucharest to Sofia via Paris

A week before my flight from Bucharest to Sofia on Qatar Airways, Bulgaria reclassifies Romania as a red country with regards to Covid, meaning that I will not be allowed entry. This is a flight I’ve already rescheduled once because I decided to prioritize a hot Bulgarian coworker above time spent in Bucharest. Not going Read More

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Berlin Blind Date

My Berlin blind date takes place just after my second visit to Malta, which isn’t worth writing about. Normally I would not go to Berlin just for a blind date, but in this case it is Sepehr who has, since we met, consistently suggested the idea to both me and his best friend.  I figure Read More

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Baltic Vodka and “Cognac”: The Mission Continues in the Baltic Former SSRs

Why Baltic vodka and cognac? Of course you follow my work and have noted my noble mission to try a local cognac and a local vodka in every former Soviet Socialist Republic. For a Turkmenistan heavy view of seven of those successes, see my post: Drinking with Russians and Other Bad Ideas It is on Read More

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Bourbon, Scotch, and Tasmanian Whisky: At the end of the world just before the end of the world

Here are some thoughts on Tasmanian Whisky, Scotch, and Bourbon… but not in that order. Bourbon In the Beginning, there is Bourbon. My friends offer to take me on the Bourbon Trail when I am passing through Kentucky for the first time. Though I have never really been a fan of whiskey and know nothing Read More

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Catalonian Cannabis – Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs

I’m full of anticipation writing this. I’m about to spend a month in Barcelona, and it is oh so much more complicated this third visit. This visit which won’t involve any Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs. They won’t be a part of this visit, for so many reasons. Socializing may be at a minimum. Whereas my Read More