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Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part One

I thought I’d already had Colorado’s best dabs until I found myself wandering off of a cruise ship onto an airplane onto another airplane and deposited in Boulder, Colorado. After a good night’s sleep, my phone tells me that lockdown has begun.

After two weeks of unprofessional dabbing of Colorado’s best dabs, working, and getting some fresh air and sunlight, the lockdown is extended.

I realize it is time to get serious about Colorado’s best dabs if I’m going to be dabbing as much as I am, and spending as much time, money, and attention on enjoying them as I have been. And so it begins, the great dab review session of lockdown 2020:

Colorado’s Best Dabs:

Wedding Crasher Live Resin The Flower Collective
Wedding Crasher – Live Rosin – The Flower Collective

Some nice cold cured live rosin from The Flower Collective in Nederland, Colorado. I admit I like their packaging better than their product. I’m just not a big fan of rosin. Too many waxes to inhale.

Pomelo Live Budder Clutch Extracts
Pomelo – Live Budder – Clutch Extracts

So nice I snapped (and dabbed) it twice. On tap today is some Pomelo live budder from Clutch Extracts. Smells like cleanser, very astringent.

Colorado's Best Dabs
Sour Banana Sherbert and Hibiscus Sunrise – Live Budder and Live Resin – Clutch Extracts

Two more concentrates from Clutch Extracts it’s a nice well rounded Sour Banana Sherbert live budder and a strong but warm Hibiscus Sunrise live resin.

Watermelon Zkittlez Live Rosin 710 Labs
Watermelon Zkittlez #5 – Live Rosin / 2nd Press – 710Labs

Today it’s a solventless second press live rosin indica strain called Watermellon Zkittlez #5 from 710 Labs. Not usually a fan of indica (or rosin) but it’s nice to mix things up now and then.

Colorado's Best Dabs
Gorilla Dosha #3 x Kaya’s Koffee – Live Rosin / 2nd Press – 710 Labs

Hmmm. The last solventless I had was finally potent enough for me to Branch out and try a few rosins from 710 Labs… But honestly not impressed. Maybe it’s because the two I’ve tried so far are second press? They look good, smell good, dry out and flake up quickly, require precision storing, and just, well, aren’t that potent. I got this one because I’d never heard of the strains: Gorilla Dosha #3 x Kaya’s Koffee. It’s not thrilling.

Colorado live rosin
Gorilla Dosha #3 x Orange Cream #26 – Live Rosin / 1st Press – 710 Labs

Well, I’ll have to do more research, but I think I didn’t like the other two rosins so much because they were second press. Here is a first press live rosin. The strains are Gorilla Dosha #26 x Orange Cream – both indica leaning hybrids. It shares a strain with my previous review, and is also by 710 labs, and it is lovely. Much fuller experience. It was only a few dollars more for the first press so, lesson learned, I’m a rosin snob.

Colorado's Best Dabs
Lucky Charms – Wax – ?????

Magically delicious is it not. Kinda fruity, but not the best taste. It’s a little confused on what it is as it was listed as both wax and live resin but all these cannabis concentrates designations are grades of extraction failure anyway. It’s definitely a classic indica, not much head, all body. I’m not sure why someone thought it deserved the name Lucky Charms, I guess the fruit notes. I’m over my “let’s try some indica strains” phase. The people who made it obviously aren’t into branding so … Nexxxxt.

Triangle Grapes Live Resin Clutch Extracts
Triangle Grapes – Live Resin – Clutch Extracts

My dad referred to the country folk in the very Northern part of Boulder County as “Indica People”, which made me laugh. After this gorgeous yet somehow not quite satisfying indica heavy hybrid, I claim done with that experimentation, I just am not an Indica Person. Triangle Grapes (yo daddy was a Grape Ape…) live resin from Clutch Extracts. Interesting sandy texture. Unique taste. Good product. Just don’t like the high. even though I rotated the photos they didn’t stay rotated… Maybe I am an “Indica Person”…

Fruit Parfait Live Resin Dry Sugar Olio
Fruit Parfait – Live Resin Dry Sugar – Olio

A lovely live resin dry sugar from Olio. Never heard of the strain Fruit Parfait, but it seems a well balanced hybrid with distinct berry and citrus notes, so I’m guessing the fruity parentage left mostly taste as I don’t feel much Lucky Charms in the high.

Sourband '09 Live Resin Clear Creek Extracts
Sourband ’09 – Live Resin – Clear Creek Extracts

This Sourband ’09 live resin from Clear Creek Extracts was freaking amazing!!!!! My favorite thing I’ve had since I got to Colorado. Lovely in every way. Giant chunks of glass. Beautiful sour lemon and diesel flavor and pungent smell. Exquisite, energetic, euphoric, true representation of the strain (I don’t like Headband but with Diesel it’s perfect). Highly recommend!

True Power OG Live Budder Clutch Extracts
True Power OG – Live Budder – Clutch Extracts

It didn’t occur to me until now that concentrates labs might specialize in various terps and strains. Pretty much everything I’ve had from Clutch Extracts has been a swift kick of either citrus or pine. This True Power OG has a bit of both but is more on the piney side. It’s a zingy, speedy, daytime energizing shot of yum, welcome considering I have only had caffeine once in the last two months. Hopefully we’ll see more labs go deep on extraction and create a new world of artisanal craft.

Colorado shatter
Flo – Shatter – M?????

It has been quite a while since I had shatter. Ever since a few live resin experiences I was hesitant to go back. But I wanted to try something different and saw the strain Flo which is usually a fun one. And, meh. It’s shatter. Well made for sure, but I’m too much of dab snob and it just smells and tastes like nothing. There’s a faint moldy taste at the end that I think is actual mold that makes it through the extraction. Never have that with live resin and I’ve had it with shatter and wax a number of times. So, no more shatter for me. Sticking to Colorado’s best dabs only.

Straight Fire Live Rosin The Flower Collective
Straight Fire – Live Rosin – The Flower Collective

I just love their branding so much I had to give it the full spread (mmmm). Well, The Flower Collective does an excellent job at producing a solid product all around. Correct packaging, premium, solventless rosin. This is Straight Fire. I thought that strain was related to Fire OG but knew as soon as I hit it and tasted that after tang of mint that I am not correct because there’s nothing fresh about Fire OG. Turns out it’s a cross between Mint Chocolate Chip and Mother Tongue. It’s delicious, and as the packaging suggests I might organize my spice cabinet in order of spiciness now.

Honey Banana Live Rosin The Flower Collective
Honey Banana – Live Rosin – The Flower Collective

Another exquisite solventless live rosin from The Flower Collective in Nederland, Colorado. Honey Banana is a hybrid strain, and this one is nicely balanced, with an unmistakable and strong scent of perfectly ripe, slightly cooked bananas, which when dabbed leaves a sweet taste on the tongue.

…to be continued…

Another Colorado Cannabis adventure


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