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Empty Me. (Free Erotic Story)

“So we both tied in friendly ways. And i am between your legs licking your lips again. Gently stretching them in kisses trying to put my tongue in your cunt. Feeling you gently begin to squirm again.” he continues. His command “Empty me” rings in my ears. I want him to tell me a free erotic story.

“All my movement in my hips, my cunt. Too bound to do else.”

“Oh u can move. And u look cosplay hot. And your hands are on my head teaching me how to lick you. I used to have tongue piercing too. Years ago. Until i realised i did not need it.” he types.

“That detail made my day. I had perfect teeth and never did it harm them. Chipped them three times in a month after I took it out. I just got called to dinner… I’ve got to go. Showing up hot, bothered, hands smell like pussy no matter how many times I wash. I am not sure there’s anything worse than having to go while you’re licking my pussy. But maybe you’ll be there later. Maybe this is just pause. TBC.” I feel strange pulling myself away. All I want is for him to beg me…

“Empty me.”

We are each other’s muses for a certain type of writing and experience. So go. Go to dinner. You should go to dinner. We all need to eat. It’s very early in the morning here. I need to sleep. It’s been good to talk to you. If i help you with your writing well then, cool. You have helped me with mine. And try and look in on me later. Oh. And at the last moment. When I was fucking you from behind I flipped you over because I wanted to look at you in your eyes. And i came.” his voice makes it hard to tear myself away. 

“And I knew that you did. Sleep well.” I say.

“Talk later.” he types. Is this the end of my free erotic story for today?

Free Erotic Story

“And so hi. You’re still awake?” I ask, seeing the green dot next to his name. 

“Yup. I’m still awake. I’m very much awake. Wasn’t i waiting for you? Wasn’t that supposed to be the deal. I wait for you? No? Oh.” he immediately answers in voice. 

This evolution to voice in our correspondence makes it more real for me. More intimate. Less pretending behind typed words. It’s still a performance, we’re still avoiding reality, but perhaps we have front row seats to each other’s free erotic story, now.

“I never expect you to wait for me. Even though you always do.” I say, awkwardly, and then switch to typing. “I was in a corset having my pussy licked. And now it’s the hour that I best not use my voice. Though I’ve hidden in bathrooms at the witching hour before to talk into a recorder at you.”

“Oh but i want to hear your voice. Oh wow, your voice is what makes me hard. But you’re in a corset and yes, I was licking u. Do i go back to that now?” he asks. His voice utterly thrills me. But then he switches to typing

“Though I think u left the corset because i was oil massaging you. Take your pick. All very vanilla.” he sells me on his ideas by floating a few in front of me.

“Yow I got bitten by a spider under my breast. Wanna see?”


I send him a photo. 

“I don’t get how a creature that small has such a wide toothspan. Caught the rascal. Didn’t squish.”

I talk about the wind, the fireworks, and another pandemic night.

And then I screw up courage, and find privacy. 

“So really, my voice… and my… crappy American accent… gets you hard? Okay wait, what? Were you licking me? I want to be licked. Rhythm.”

“No I was stroking myself with my right hand and you know I’m left handed so stroking myself with my right hand is just a little bit unusual. Oh God I’m so fucking hard.” he says. He seems shameless. Open. I immediately wonder if he’s on drugs, drinking, or if it’s just the instability of his PTSD. Then I remind myself that that is bullshit and it doesn’t matter in this free erotic story.

It’s not like I’m not high af on cannabis concentrates, dealing with family health challenges, and having issues with my other partners.

“I’m only left handed when I play with myself, but now I’m using my right hand too.” I respond, by voice.

“From tip right down to bottom to my ballsack and ahhh then i pull down. It’s so wonderful to feel my hand go down and wow, if i wasn’t holding the phone i’d be using both hands. And u want me to lick you, again. You want me to part your lips, lick your clit. Put my tongue in your cunt. So yup, there I am again. There I am again. There I am again. 

My rhythm is actually kind of slow… it’s like… I’ve changed to left hand now. It’s better for me. My fingers are at the tip, and then they go down, as far as they go, and my hand grabs the base, and ah, I just gave my balls a squeeze. And I come up to the shaft, the shaft goes up to the top. And God I’m hard. It’s just slow, slow, slow, gentle strokes. I’m not even using my fingers to squeeze…. Ohhh, but i wonder what you’re doing” he says.

“I love slow. Me? My right hand is … playing with my clit. My finger isn’t moving much. No friction. Just little circles. Tiny tiny tiny circles. But I’m sooooo slippery… so, they get bigger quickly. And now I’m sliding my finger inside me, giving it kisses. Pretending it’s the head of your cock. Getting it wet.” I say, breathily.

He sends me a message completely muffled. It’s not the first or last. Frustrates my free erotic story. He goes through phones regularly, for various difficult reasons.

“I’m pretty sure the next time I hear your voice I’ll come. So I’m waiting.” I say. And I know what I’m waiting for him to say.

“Empty me.” … but he doesn’t say it, not now.

“My tip feels your wet cunt.” he types. And then switches to voice. “Ohhh it feels so wet and tight and good.” he whispers. “It’s so nice just to just be there. At the opening. Look at you. In the eye. And then your pelvic floor muscles move. And I slide deeper. I’m sorry but I just have to fuck you again. I’m fucking you. Fucking you. Empty me.”

“You’re sorry but. Why’s that get me so hot? You’re sorry but you have to fuck me.” I laugh. “Thank you. And I want you to … have to fuck me. And I want you to fuck me.” 

And then I send him a full minute long recording of me coming. Because I trust him just a little more now not to disappear.

“Hands across the oceans. Me too.” He types. And I know I made him come.

I send him a heart.

“Kisses.” he types. He’s not going anywhere. 

“Kisses and squeezes.” I type back.

“What time is it there?”

“10:41pm” I type.

“06h41 here. I’ve been awake all night.”

“You seem to stay up all night frequently…” I point out, knowing there’s a host of reasons that I don’t intimately know. 

And we talk, for a moment, of plans and real life. Until… 

“U still wet? Enough to straddle me and fuck me you on top? Coz i am hard.” he types… “Empty me.”

“OMG you are amazing yes I want more cock. Yes ok I’ll ride you I’ll climb on I’m so wet the room smells like me.”

I asked you to empty me and you still have not.” he replies, switching to voice.

“I don’t know how. You challenge me.” I whine, also by voice.

“Not so much a challenge I just want to fuck you again. And you want to fuck me. Go on, fuck me. And you’re on top of me. And wow I love how your moisture pours over my stomach. How you move.” he purrs.

“And I love running my hands over your chest, and your shoulders, and your thighs and your hips. Because I get to move my hands over your body at the same time as changing the angle that your cock is massaging me. And I’m barely moving. Cuz I’m tired now. And because it feels better… when I barely move.” and then I switch again, to the safety of the typed word.

“Lying down flat on top of you. Feet bisect your ankles. Legs together, pulling my pussy tighter around you. Squeezing you. Can squeeze you harder on the right side. I’m right-kegeled.”

“U are tired. I am tired. I reach end of my stamina and flip you over with pillows under your stomach this time i shall fuck you without looking you in the eye. Find that last urge and aching need and your pussy glistens as i lick it then fuck you. This time until i come screaming…. You emptied me….

Sleep well. Validate my shame tell me u fucked it out of me and that i am if nothing else a good fuck. Sweetdreams.” he ends.

“If I only had words. You fuck me like a mixture of my fantasies from every decade of my life. Reading my diary as always. You are my best fuck.” I acquiesce.

And we sleep. I like the way he sounds and the way breathes, and therefore, I think I like the way he sleeps.

But I don’t know. 

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