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Erotic Stories

I crave erotic stories, but somehow just spew information. My desire for him has me manic, unsettled, flighty. Finally, I hone in.

“I got hooked on spruce and pine and clove and tangerine and cinnamon. Are we getting into a bathtub? Scented?” I ask.

“Telepathy. My next text was is bath centred. You scrub up so well.” When I approach him present, he’s right there.

“Floaty Boobs. Pics of you sheared and groomed?”

He sends me this photo. 

“Delicious lips.”

I send him back this photo.

Erotic Stories

“& so they are. Scrubbed your back in a bath tub, weighed your boobs, stayed silent whilst  you rubbed your clit. I just stayed behind you in that bath tub. So you so clean want to fuck ai dirty?” he says, hinting at erotic stories.

“Yes you. Want to catch those lips in hot, wet kisses. Sit atop you tantra. Dirty tantra.”

“Astride. How long does it take you? How many thoughts & men flick through your mind as you ride me? As you ride me I don’t care. Fuck me.”

“No it is you that flick through my mind as I try to think of and ride other men. Slow and sensual. Sideways swivels of hips at the same time as waves front to back. Slow twerk. So so slow. From deep inside.

I sit, full of you, empty of thought. Only your cock, your waist on my knees. The soft brushes of my breasts against your chest. Watching the show behind your eyes. Breath and heat.

Building. Hotter. Stinging ecstatic loop of pleasure throb through my clit drop drip to cunt. Body resonate. Tantra. No fucking. Patience. Riding crest of serpent nerves. Careful and noisy. Groans in your ear. Do you like it when I tell you how good your cock strokes me? So fucking perfect. I want you more than I can fit.

You gripping me close while I polish your pole. Just hard as a rock. Angles. I’m your cunt. Get it.

The ridged head of your cock bumping over the wet circle walls of my soft, tight cunt trigger point click feel it hit my throat squeezing tight deep moans past your ears your eyes locked on my face tightens and relaxes reflecting your cock dancing gasp as the peaks take me into too much.

Don’t stop. Too much. Fuck me. Too much.”

A day goes by. I’m in Minnesota. Wandering. He makes me blush and tingle walking into a country club with just a few words of our erotic stories on my phone. And I tell him.

“I want you to shame me in front of Minnesota’s elite again. Make me wet and hot red prickles wondering can these Stensons and Anderson’s and Thorpe’s and Stansons and Jetsons see?”

“I lost my phone for a day. So I missed your shaming. I just put a leash on your neck, loose loose shake it off, you stayed. Around the ring for the country club.”

“Touching myself picturing you with leash in hand. Under your control. Ashamed more in private. Under your gaze. Collared.

“What am I going to do with you shall be so slow. I start with your breasts”

I send him a picture of my breasts. I’ve gained weight. Stressful times. They’re bigger.

“They’re unruly.” I explain.

“They are delicious. And so responsive. I weigh my sexual adversity. How am I to proceed. I want to bind them so slowly softly until your tissue grasps yelling for flick of tongue.”

“Shall I pretend then as I do with strangers? Ooo and ahhh and try to look cute like the girls on cam? Meanwhile checking out into some other land of narrative  until you’ve had your fill? Everywhere else on my body has more sensation than these showy advertisements, continuously pulling in men that love breasts is a dull road when the only thing they do for me is pull in men. I love them for that, I do, but… only that. They’re mostly numb and nipple play is the least erotic body sensation I can think of other than nausea. However there are always exceptions to every rule and if anyone can find something that feels good it’s you. But yeah. Adversity indeed. You start where I least care. Note the look on my face. I’ll admit your attention and slowness has softened it even if it’s in binding my breasts. And how am I bound? And what of your nipples? Of course you know all this and aren’t doing this to please anyone but yourself. *that* is hot.” I rant. He doesn’t react. He’s used to me.

“I just pinched your nipples and ask your permission to slide the tip of my cock somewhere on your body. Coz yes I am a basic bastard turned on by heterosexual tropes and erotic stories.”

“Yes to basic bastard cock tip sliding anywhere. Even between my breasts. Even over my nipples.”

“You were unchained long ago. But my cock is between your breasts. Do you want to fuck? I yearn to ask.. But I began binding your breasts & it turned you on. Squeezed Cock between & on them. The sheer beauty of sexual curves. The sheer enticement of such sexual curves. 

“Even so close to my heart your cock is warmer than my chest”

“& you dare say you want to be plaything?”

“Oh did I. Oh will I.”

“Yes. Soon.”

“Taking it slow around the curves…”

“Sooner please. Lost for words me. At your dripping cunt again. Begging,”

“Begging your plaything.”

“Give me my plaything.”

“Already yours. But I know you need me to wrap fingers around your neck pull your face to mine half plant wet kiss on your mouth grabbing for your cock gripping hard whole kiss tongue slides across your cheek sloppy whisper “Yes please” Legs and lips parted pulling you toward my wet, tight cunt by your cock.”

Video Chat

Call ended · 5 secs

“Did u call me on purpose?” I ask, heart pounding at the idea of erotic stories on video.

“I still have your nipples clamped softly by the way between chopsticks. Tweak.”

“Oh you did get me wet.”

“My tongue & fingers slide in you. Now you get fucked. I am going to fuck you. I like fucking you. Why I come”

“I like your fingers. A map of everything you’ve done with your hands that so gently, carefully surfs into me. I like the slowness. Breathing, moving. Dripping. Squeeze your finger.”

“You watching each knuckle disappear. Pull out glistening, disappear another measure.”

“But it doesn’t matter what I like. Tell me why you want to fuck me. right now. Because the reason is different every moment. Right now.”

“Coz I want you, do u expect me to stop?”

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