Taboo Drugs


Flotation spa. It’s dark, that’s for sure.

The water could be warmer. I’m sure they left rattlesnakes in here. I don’t feel any snakes. Tank feels smaller than I thought it would though. I guess if there were snakes they would have drowned. Eww dead rattlesnakes might be even worse.

I’m not supposed to get the water in my eyes. Salty. The earplugs are weird. There are still bubbles seeping out of my ears. I wonder if that means that water’s getting in. I don’t think there could be all that much salt buildup after one session – I wonder why we wear earplugs. This place isn’t very well insulated, I hear things. Definitely flotation. There’s no way you could call this “sensory deprivation”. I can feel gravity above the water line.

Yeah, it’s a shark, that’s what they’ve put in here. Definitely a shark. Or maybe…

Maybe I’m just not physically comfortable and it’s manifesting as fear. Where do I put my arms. By my sides? No, that’s not good. Up above my head? No, not that high. Yeah, right there, ah that’s good. Relax neck. Upper back. Relax butt. Ow my butt is sore from lunges.

When do we actually use a lunge in our life anyway? That’s not really functional. I can’t believe we’ve ever done much lunging, why do we have muscles that need to be built by that?

Flotation spa. Wheeeeee. I wonder how my friend is doing in the other tank. I think I’m falling…



I’m think-dreaming. Or is it dream-thinking?

Oh there goes the world, all of it, all the people I know
and the things I think about and the memories I have, look at the show
there they are spiraling away as I fall asleep but that good survival rooted from belly down
says don’t sleep while you’re floating or you’ll drown.
So I pull back from sleep but oh no I pulled to hard
and now BANG I’m awake again, and jarred.

I wonder how long it took? Think I have to pee. I can’t pee in here. That was made clear.

I think I’ll get out and pee in the shower. Is the experience supposed to be continuous? Will I give myself brain damage if I get out and pee during it? I already had enough fun with the hypnosis to get my money’s worth, and I know I won’t relax if I lie here having to pee.

Back in the flotation tank. Much better. I can’t believe that I was in here for two hours. And now I have another hour. I wonder what’s next. I should re-watch Altered States.

Flotation Spa, sensory deprivation tank

Hey… I’m rotating. I can’t be rotating. Not that much. Laterally rotating. Counter-clockwise. Clockwise. Now back to counter-clockwise. Now I can only go counter-clockwise. That’s lame. At least I can turn it on and off. Rotate. Stop. Rotate. Stop. Rotate. Stop. Rotate. Rotate. Rotate. Rotate. Rotate. Stop. That is so COOL though. Proprioception hallucinations.

Float. Float. Float. Flotation spa.

I hear music. That’s not from outside. Can I manipulate it like I used to be able to when I came down from taking too much MDMA? No. Maybe. A little. It’s more bluesy than electronic. If I could manipulate it then I would take it away from the rock side of blues. Give it some more twang. Oh… There it goes. That’s my good brain. Give me the stuff I want.

Aw rats. Time to get out.

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Incoming Transmission!

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