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This piece is continued from the previous free sexy reads, here, I’m now in Atlanta. He’s in Barcelona.

Missed Video Chat

1:52 PM

“Did u call me again?” I ask, frozen. “I do expect you to stop, yes. Then again I have told you I intend to still want you when you are 80. There is too much unsaid. It’s fucking with my flow. But please put that perfect uncut dick inside me and I’ll deal with that shit later.”

“No. I want you to wait. I know I need you. Her. It. But I shall not be told what to do. Which is why I am fucking you madly.” he says.

“I just want you. I don’t care how. Shibari suspension, erotic hypnosis, chopstick nipples, deep in a mud pit with bugs creepy crawling, on pink satin sheets, on vibrating platform, in this Honda.” I pine.

“Never done it in a Honda. Sounds kind of cheapening of the sacred bond which is heterosexual fucking.” he jokes. “You look hot. You are hot.”

My flow is off. The doubt wracks me. I’ve just paid him for some of his writing and it’s now that he shows up to cyberfuck me, after so many months away? Am I paying for sex? Are these free sexy reads? I stop and talk about it. We begin to discuss seeing one another in person again. It’s our first conversion of the sort.

“I committed to spending June in New York with my partner, if we can find a place to stay. New York fully opens 100% back to pre-covid on July 1. I figured it would be interesting to see the build-up. Which, I believe, functionally, means only one thing: the subways go back to 24 hours and they stop cleaning them 2am-4am. Let me tell you in all my 44.9 years I have never seen the New York subways look like they do now. They are still full of rats, though. So much for rats being dirty creatures.”

“I killed a rat last year. There have been mass rodent migrations in all cities, their food supply dried up during pandemic lockdowns. It came under our building doorway. I went psycho on it. I remember feeling it still warm in my gloved hands as I brought it to the bin.” he says.

Almost tell him that I love him, for being who he is, that one unique man that just stays under my skin. Instead, I say this:

“I really like you.”

“I really like you too.” he replies.

“Feeling better. I am a simple woman. (in that I measure love in hard cock and rat murder,  apparently)”

“I am inside you up to hilt my slightly twisted cock thick at base thin at top. My top seeks you out. The base makes you happy. & I am up to my hilt, greedy for you. Watching your. Breasts move with each thrust. I’d kill a rat for you.  I am about to have a shower. Jerk off imagining my cock in your luscious mouth if that Is ok with you. Just stripped down. Water pouring.” he describes.

“That giggle that ends in a moan when so full of you any movement is a shock. A gasp. I grip your hilt. Squeezing you while you thrust. Noisy. It’s always ok with me to be in your fantasies. Want that bad. You’re in almost all of mine. I’d never make you kill a rat.

Warm and open laughter me naked you. Catch you with a towel, pull you to me with towel around your back, dry you slide to my knees as that towel bunches around your ass, lick my lips and catch your eyes for the nod pull towel hips move cock against my closed mouth pursed lips pull towel resist with mouth until you pop in all the way to the back of my dancing tongue exactly where I want you.” I type, proud of my sexy reads.

“I want your mouth. Want you to taste me completely. I shall be hard after to fuck you & in between my mouth shall be between your hips. Your hips. Rhymes with lips.” 

Space grows between our sexy reads. We are both busy with other things.

“How hard I grip you as you slowly fuck my drenched pussy yet it still feels so soft and welcoming. How hard I fight to keep you inside yet you pull out, how hard I squeeze down play-resisting your perfect cock you still find your way back hilt-deep. Oh that hilt of you. The way it sweats and moans and works for me. I try to murmur thanks but now it’s delicious at my lips and your tip is blocking my sound so I hum into you as I suck you like a Georgia peach.”

I send him this and a photo of me sucking a Georgia peach as goodnight sexy reads.

Free Sexy Reads

“Your mouth hands edge me to spine coiling prostate exploding as waves of pleasure cross my cortex cortices whatever the bits in my head that feel so good now I want to come for you. In your mouth. But you edge so well. Your hair. My hands seek or your hair because there is nothing more polite or possible as I yearn to be in your mouth.

How many times can your lips cup my top your hands stroke my shaft find & weigh by balls press up behind & yes that makes me shine. Your mouth and lips your eyes sometimes catching mine as you determined to edge me until I scream in orgasm just like you will later soon suck me now.

Oh you took me out of your pussy to suck me. I am lost a brief moment. Still at your lips

Does it feel this good when I give you head. Flick tongue at your clit. Pretend clip your lips sucking them apart, waiting to see your pussy open.”

I wake up and see these sexy reads, and see that he is still typing.





Keep me updated n your mouth


Your tongue

Your grasp


Your hair

Your head

Edging me so long

You can bring my ejaculation in seconds.

I call you.”

My heart thunders in my chest as I lie in my downtown Atlanta hotel room bed. 

“For real?” I ask, unsure I’ve heard him say what I think I have. Are we going on video? It’s been 9 months since we’ve done that. 

Video Chat

Call ended · 22 mins

I am speechless when he calls. It wakes me up. There he is. Scruffy. Handsome. Containing a human that I want so desperately. I can’t find words. I squeak. He tells me he could be interrupted. I tell him I’m shy. He feigns surprise. 

“Why are you shy? You’re beautiful.” he says. I bury my face in the pillows.

“Because it’s you.” I answer.

And then we don’t talk. We keep the cameras trained on our face. I slide my hand down my underwear and fingers in my pussy. His phone is moving and I know he’s got his hand on his cock. I watch the movement of his face while he brings himself to release and it gets me off. His lips making shapes. The blood in his face. Eyes narrowed but staring at me. His ragged breath. 

We come at the same time. I yell his name through a powerful orgasm. And then we hang up, because he is taking a risk. He could be caught by his wife. 

“I get hard again within 20 minutes of small chat. Don’t know why. Probably average. But it means I come in your pussy in your mouth on your body, wherever you want some morning afternoon or evening. & Obviously I need you to come as much as you can come. I know you come. Your orgasms litter your day. And I can’t get over how hot you are.”

“My orgasms litter my day. If only you know the percentage of my orgasms that come with your name on my tongue. I tell you, but you don’t believe me. I try to think of other things, people, but almost every time there is your face and your voice and your body and your cock. And that’s what makes me come.

You’re so fucking hot. I want you to rub that scruff on my thighs while you lick me. Up to you. Lick me broad and hard and I’ll come full and long and won’t recover for a few hours. Grid my clit and lick only in one spot, then three breaths after I come you can move to another and another until after a dozen or half I scream, shake, sweat, and beg for your cock. Nothing feels as good as your cock after I have come so much I can barely squeeze you. My cunt aches for you. Fix it.

I have no patience I just want to rip your clothes off and suck your cock.”

I send him photos of my in my LBD. A few days go by. I’m in Bed Stuy, now. The Planet.

“I like your black dress in the  photos. I just want to stroke those thighs but yup suck my cock taste my enzymes make me last longer in your pussy.”

“Mmmm what enzymes I love enzymes. Thank you. 😊 You can stroke my thighs while I suck your cock. I wonder if I’ll fly there without your permission one of these days. Wonder if when it’s possible I won’t be able to resist. I wonder if I’ll stalk you, licking my lips.”

“I expect you shall. How I scripted you. Press a finger behind my balls at base of cock. Lick me slowly. Look me in eye. Sheath me. Fuck that feels good.”

“Millionaire. I love looking you in the eye while my mouth is full of you.”

“Oh posh.”

“Ha. Gentrified. Mouth still, tongue moving. Waves breaking on your underside.”

“U gonna make me come?”


“Oh. But my cock is in your mouth.”

“Who says I’m sucking your cock for your sake. It’s for me.”

“What more can I do??”

“Fuck me.”

“How does Zoe want to be penetrated ?”

“I’m not sure I do even. You’re so fast. I got time. I liked those hands and fingers on my thighs. Tickling me. Stroking me. Teasing me. I want the tip of your cock at the back of my tongue. Hadn’t gotten further. I was still savoring your taste your salt your hardness and the way you touch the inside of my cheeks if I turn my head. 

Those noises you make. Your breathing. Gravelly gasps. Sucks of air. Moaning. That little smile on your face I can see as I stare wide-eyed. I’m supposed to give this up for what? You coming? Being fucked? Hm.”

“I want to slide gently into your righteous tight pussy then move up between your breasts back to that succulent mouth.” he says.

“I want to feel your cock, hard and warm and wet, sliding all the way along my body. Turn my head again, sliding across my face. Trails of you evaporating into the sting of New York breezes. Squeeze you. Suck you. Envelop you.”

“Got it”

“Hands can’t decide between my clit, your prostate, your balls, your back, your face.”

“I lick your NYC summer sweat whilst you do all.”

“Grip lips at your hilt, work you with my tongue. The sound systems are so loud they set off the car alarms and rattle a building made of brick. Sweet electric city. I want you to come in my mouth in Brooklyn.”

“I think I just did. Could have been queens.”

“Ha. Noooooo.”

“But seemed Stuyvesant-esque.”


“Like u. Good good. I got to awake soon. 04h here. I got to get up 08h. Talk tomorrow. We could do Staten Island ferry.”

“Thanks for the sexy reads. 💋 Only if we get pizza after.”

This was the last of our sexy reads.

There are no more. 

Not yet.

But I am going to Barcelona, uninvited, to stalk him, in 3 weeks.

To be continued…

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