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“I am finally alone” he types. I figure it’s a good time for forest sex.

“Oh who were you with while fucking me?

Last few hours sexting you whilst with friends.” he admits

“Hahaha, I am deeply flattered.” I laugh.

“From crease to clit & tongue in wet hot dripping pussy. I ask do u want to fuck again?”

“Yes!” I agree.

“U still wet? U still need? And want? Summer sweaty night. Wow. U do. U horny girl.” and his words get me, as they always do.

“Horny for you. No, not still wet. Still need. Still want.

“So do you prefer to play with yourself, would you like to be played with, or do your toys get to be used by both?” he asks. By voice. His voice sends shivers down my spine and makes all my hairs stand on end.

“I have no toys.” I type back. 

“I just tug at the front of your underwear, just put my finger there and feel your hair. I take my hand down and look you in the eye and kiss you, and squeeze you with the other hand at the small of your back. We press together a moment, and then…” he trails off. His voice is low and slow. He sounds tired.

“I want you to play with me while my arms are around your neck.” I type.

“I think we have done this before. One hand, one hand reaches under your clothes and gently, gently brushes your lips, looking for that clit to circle. The other hand holds your back, and pushes up across the muscles and other side of your spine.  I kiss soft, top lips, bottom lip, over your mouth, on your face. And ever so gently and softly touch you.” he says. 

“Hm your voice. What were you doing with those friends I wonder. I like it.” I type, and then woman up and switch to voice and talk about moderation and my lack of it.

“I am so fully dressed. I feel so moderate. I am so fully dressed.” he replies.

“What are you fully dressed in? Whatchyu wearin’?” I ask, knowing my American accent turns him on.

“You are fully dressed as well. Which is why my hand had to explore through your hair. Touch. That hand has now left. It was my right hand. My weaker hand. My other hand is still on your back. And then I step back, and I look at you in whatever you are wearing. Wow. What are you wearing?

Oh I’m wearing my usual. Cord jeans. Gray linen shirt. My silly, white cricket hat. Sandals. I don’t wear underwear, but this time I am. Because I want to see how you take my cock out of that underwear. I step back from you, look you in the eye, and put my hand between your tits.” he speaks haltingly.

Slightly slurred. I guess that he is drunk. He’s not supposed to drink. Naughty man.

“I was wearing something much better yesterday than I am today. I was actually dressed yesterday. A rare occurrence. I don’t need to get dressed. All I do is sit in this room and write. So today… as I stare back at you, transfixed. I’m wearing an oversized army green, pea green t-shirt… with a dragonfly on it. And a pair of purple cotton underwear that are way too loose, and that I had planned to throw out after wearing them today. I haven’t put on a pair of shoes in three days. I usually go through so many pairs of shoes. It’s amazing how cities tear up shoes. So, barefoot. Half-naked. Dirty.” I say.

“It will be fun to rip those purple pants, since you’re going to throw them away anyway. Cuz that’s what I’m going to do. And so I lift them up by the hip and stretch them over one lip, whilst licking the other lip. I am pulling them as far as I can, because I’m going to rip them off. I’m going to rip those pants. Because you’re throwing them away. And I’m still waiting for you to find my cock.” he says. I can tell he’s been drinking all night. I don’t care.

I switch to writing because there are people within earshot of my room.

“So I find your cock in writing.

I mean, I know where it is. I grab it. Kiss you hard. You smell like hot summer nights. We’re in the lands that made me then. Tall grass. Dark loamy soil. Glacial lakes. Just a few fireflies left from the season. Sticky. I love holding your cock, how hard are you? Orion to the right. Milky way slash across the sky. Blankets. Citronella. I love feeling you get hard. I love it when you’re already hard.” I explain.

“Let us walk out to the tall, tall grass. That sounds so cool. Walking out through the tall grass on a summer night. Where we can hear the cicada and insects and look up and see orion. Wow.” he fantasizes with me.

“Thick blades. Many kinds. Forest adjacent.”

He sends me a couple failed voice messages, and then switches to writing to get into the forest sex.

Forest Sex

“I am dragging you by your purple pants through the long grass. I switch between leading you with them between the lips of your pussy then spinning you around after kiss and dragging you behind coz we are gonna rip them and we through long grass stars above.”

“That’s hot. But that trigger. I’ll show you who’s stronger… Pull away. Do you let go or do they rip?”

“I let go when you show your strength because i know you are strong and i know i can grab those purple pants again and i need you wet. I need you wet.”

“Then let me feel your cock. And kiss you.

“U have been kissing me along the way. We are kissing.”

“Let me feel you through those pants, and today, underwear. Hug you close and feel you hard pressed into me and oh you are the right height for that.” I notice.

“I think you took off my shirt already and i think i took off my trousers as I’m just walking along in my underwear which is so unusual for me, with my cock so visibly hard. Still pulling you by your pants. Still walking through the long, long grass. And wow. I’m naked except for that unusual underwear. And you can see my cock is hard. And I’ve hooked a finger into those pants. And I’m leading you along. You are the right height. You are the perfect height. Wow. Amazing kisses.” he says by voice. And I love the way he goes hard, to soft. Nasty, and sweet.

“Sweet and sour is yes, getting me wet. These pants will soak it tho. Just a hot mess. Tearful at all the meaning to be made, wet for you. Dripping everywhere again.” I write.

“No they won’t soak it up – they are stretched already up beyond your hips holding one side of you by thigh. They spread your butt. I kneel and lick your taste. I stand. My cock hard trying to leave those pants. Hard and wet. You soft and wet.” he types.

“I’m coy.” I tease.

“Are we at the forest yet?”

“Oh yes it seems so though I’ve been trying not to enter. Again the sweet and sour. Alas it is what’s there. I love sex with you and so I love you and so my heart my heart when it comes this fast, this much be careful what you ask for but my desire is so, so much stronger than my fear of heartbreak. Still, in moments and I know you sense it my pause my retreat is truly different than yours. Which is hot. And so grabbing for you. Greedy now that I’m over it.” I confess, I emote, I tell. I’m ready for forest sex.

“Will hippy girl choose the tree she holds while that man of right height fucks her?” he asks, initiating forest sex.

“Yes this maple here. Are you going to fuck me in underwear? And socks?” I ask.

“Socks are your decision I just drew down that stretched underwear to your thighs just above your knees. We shall rip them. Said we would.” he warns.

“And so. I pose. Spread my legs as wide as they’ll let me.”

“Yes u do.” 

“I like this tree. Hard. Planted. All the other wooden things you’ve fucked me on and over moved. This doesn’t move. There’s no xfer of momentum. Have to do it myself. Or just take it.”

“Take it.” he directs.

Fuck me.” I demand. I want forest sex.

“I do.” 


“I do.”

“In real life you could make me come in 30 seconds.” I admit.

“In real life i would fuck you so long sweet soft and hard. But now against that tree is hard. I love how u come.” I blush at his words.

“Hard wet clit, when u fuck me hard I don’t have to move my finger. Harder to come tho. Easier when sweet.” I admit.

“I needed to get that need to fuck hard so out of myself I really did, but now we can go lie on the ground and those purple pants, well, they’re ripped, so what will we do with them? Let’s stuff them in my mouth. Try to be sweet. We have blessed a tree with fucking. Sex under the stars and now on the ground I’m speechless. Be sweet. Come for me.” he says, by voice. Again shivers radiate from my cunt through my body at his tones.

“And I kiss you. I kiss your face. Your forehead. I kiss the sweat off of you. I blow on you. Smiling at you. Making cool trails, blowing across your chest. Kiss your nipples. Kiss your sternum. Kiss your mouth. Whisper truths. And sit atop you. It’s been too long without you inside, will you come in?” I type.

“I can’t answer i still have your ripped pants in my mouth.”

“Mmm that’s not very sweet, I’m throwing those out now. Though I do love the look in your eyes I want to see you come.”

“U didn’t take them out or u forgot about them. Sweet again.”

“I forgot of course.”

“Kisses again. See how u explore. Like you on top. How your body moves. Your strength. Your breasts sway. What happened to your tshirt?” he asks.

“I take it off. Slowly. Moving more. Ride you like a saddle. Grinding. Not posting.”

“?” he asks.

“No bounce. I see you never rode horses.” I tease.

“Do I seem like the type who would have?” he asks.

“Do I?” I counter. I know that we both have ridden. 

“You know how to ride cock. Mine certainly. And i canter underneath you. U look beautiful on your saddle. We find a bed. I am on top of you again. Slow deep naked strokes.”

Naked. Oh fantasy that’s the first time you said it specifically. You feel perfect. Every part of you. I am soft.” I say. A bed adds something to the forest sex.

“U are. Wet. Hot. Tight. Soft.” he describes.

“I want to see you come again. In real life.” I beg.

“Thrice?” he jokes.

“And now yes, that old standard for a while. On my side, you inside me. More pushing than moving. Using your cock, yes, but all of you. Because it’s what is behind your eyes that sends me over the edge. So locking eyes with you in that desperate attempt to access what it behind. That piece of the infinite, in its specific you shape.” 

“Use my cock. U know i shall use your pussy until i drip out used.”

“Then I do, placing you just right. No words even. Just pushing you into me with my legs for deeper, faster, stop. You get all my cues.” I type.

“I am just your cock.” he says.

“You feel my finger working near you. Frustrated that sometimes your cock is in the way. Pushing you. Angle.”

“I am more.” he adds.

“All those muscles grip. Slide, clenching around you, pulling you further into me so that the push doesn’t push you out.” I describe.

“I lean back. I can see you. In splendour work yourself and the angle feels so fucking hot for me as I see myself thrust to your rhythm.”

“I wonder if it’s the same as me feeling you get hard. When you’re inside me, and you feel me get longer. And you can go deeper. Twitching. Flushed. About to come staring at you. Full of you” I muse.

“Yes u are.” he soothes.

“And when I come calling your name, you just keep replying ‘yes?’ And it whips through my spine.”

“Slow deep strokes as you shake. And yes i say yes. I also say other stuff to make you laugh and it memorable.” he explains.

“And I’m rolling over away from you because yes it’s my favorite thing when you fuck me hard half on top of me, half on the side, just at that perfect angle right now immediately after I come. Looking at you over my shoulder. As we’ve done but today the angle is new. Mirrors. I just want to feel you come. Hear it. See it. I want to be your toy. I love that rhythm you have when you’re trying to come. Because, you don’t try, all the time. Yes. Love making you work. Gender?” I guess.

“Your face in the mirror as i fuck you. And yes you are now my toy. And i see you. I am holding your hips as my body slaps against you. I don’t know where to put my hands. I do not know where to put my body because now all i am is a hard tense cock full of cum that needs to explode. My eyes roll. I gasp. I go harder. I thrust. I hear you. I see you in the eye. And you sweat and need.”

“And we’re in the middle of nowhere. And you realize sometimes I get loud. Because I have not been. Not before. Shushed by nearby ears. The sound of both of us and the beat of your thighs on my ass.”

“I gasp. I relish each stroke. Ache.”

“Just here. Nothing else. Receptacle. Flip. Please come face to face.”

“Flip” he obeys.

“Close. I need you to come.”

“And so it starts. I hold you as close i can arms around you your breasts against mine. So close. But you are just a cunt and i am just cock. And you feel my cum begin.”

“That feeling of water through a hose inside of me… so new and so old, you.”

“Hi hippy girl. That little whimper i make as i pass through cerebral explosion of hormones & pleasure and release. That look on your face.”

“You know I hate it when you call me that. Ain’t no fuckin’ hippie. You do that just to get my feisty? So I’ll suck the cum out of you? Clench around you, milk you.”

“You will in a few minutes. But now u just milk me. I shake. You hold me alive. You seem so proud yet so not. We kiss long and deep. I thank u. I bless u. I fumble with fingers as i slip out of you. In the mirror you see me drip from you.”

“Every time the contrast between the music that plays through you and your fumbling or your awkward displays, I lose it. You should not be allowed to be so hot to me.” I chastise.

“But i am.” 

“Yeah. I gotta just take it. No xfer of momentum.”

“Why u are still touching yourself. Coz u want and need more. And i want and need more.”

“It’s a hard fact.” I agree.


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