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It has been some three months now since we’ve gotten up to some hot sexy stories. My favorite lover and I have become some sort of friends. We discuss life. Provide support. And then one day, I can’t wait anymore.

“And my hands slide around your neck. Kiss you. Softly. Small and soft. Each with a beginning and an end. Explore with my lips. Breathe. Catch the current between us. Ride. Build. Resist and wait.

And wait.

And wait.”

“Imagine my head between your thighs until we talk tomorrow. Long time between thighs. Sloppy. Slippy. Yumyum.” he says, putting off the hot sexy stories another day.

And then the next day… 

Hot Sexy Stories

“Still hot. Warm. Still wet. Still pulsing. Pulling me in” he types.

“Crawling towards you. Naked with one small black sports sock on right foot. Face tear-stained. Nose running. Eyes  locked on you, wild, desire-bright.” I am ready.

“That turns me on. Your left naked foot. Ankle. Toes. Crawling.” he says.


“How am I to negotiate this clinch? From hip? Calf? Buttock? From calf.” 

“Mind reader” I say, knowing he knows how to work my body gets me hot

“Behind knee. Pulling legs toward”

“I topple easily. Lunge towards you.”

“That’s good. I have your legs behind knee & hold them together. My nose just above your sex. You are under me again. Your knees fit into my stomach balancing my slender weight. I wait for you to open your legs. Because you will open your legs.” he predicts.

“I try, valiantly, to rub myself on your chest without opening my legs. And then open my legs. I play with your hair. Not cut yet I hope.”

“Open your legs. My hair is uncut. I am uncut.” he says.

“I open my legs for uncut.”

“My nose cartilage at your clit opens your cunt. This time I am not licking. I have your legs open. Your hand finds my cock. Measures my girth. Places it at her mouth. Sheath me in your muscles. Do it please if you will I say. And your hand does it for you. I gasp. I always gasp there that first exertion. That first penetration. That welcoming heat. That look in your eyes.” he says, hot, sexy stories pouring out of him.

“You feel very big. It has been a long time and I am tight and small and gasp too, the shock of plunge, of you on the inside.”

“Come back at me now.” he pleads.

“Wrap socked leg around you pushing you deeper, fabric on your ass. Other leg twining around yours, I spread my toes into your calf. Limbs pull you deeper. Trunks together. And your hard cock, throbbing root in me. I soften. Dew. Unclench. I say your name. I like the way it feels in my throat. Mouth. I say it just to hear it. I like carrying the Ssss out and feeling my breath on your name across my lips. And then I want to feel you on my lips. Any of you. All of you.”

“My leg muscles work & I feel like a man. I say your name Zoe. It lollates across my palate. Yes. I pause. For breath. To make it last. To decide whether or not I lick your stimulation or simply fill your mouth with mine. It has been so long.” he admits.

“I like the pause. The dance. When you pause I split. Angel on the unsocked shoulder, devil mocking me for the sock. I want to make you lose it, and know you’re pausing so you don’t. But I too want it to last. Angel kindly stares in your eyes. Takes a beat for sweetness. Kisses. Softness. Devil just keeps on stroking your cock with rhythm. Squeezes. Pushes and pulls. Working my muscles around you. Pretending I’m not.”

“You keep me gasping.” he says. 

“Your breath and voice. I come up empty if I ask why. They send me into shudders. Nerves singing. Clit pulsing.”

“I pull u up by buttock and put pillow under u. So I can place more weight upon your mound. Your clit is an Archimedean fulcrum. U are a hot goddess. I am a mortal male begging you to come first. Because I need release from this mortality. Little while ago your legs were closed. Then it was only the tip. Now you’re sweating and swearing. Cool. Got you now.” he says. 

“Softer still, yet solid. Ripe for the pounding. Eyebrow raised. Whispering “I want you. I always want you. I want you most.” but not moving.”

There is a pause. I assume we are done with hot, sexy stories for today. Hours go by.

“I lost battery. Needed to finish this. Pounding.” he says.

“Oh you.”

“Back arched. Nothing but cock.” 

“Fuck me.” I ask.

“Roll over please”


“Oh you. So wet tight hot tasty. Hands on your hips. I am fucking you. Fucking you. I am still fucking you.”

“I love being fucked by you. Sound. Moans. Grunts. Yeses. Names. Growls.”

“I am fucking. You are fucked. Flip you over again u saddle me please. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

“Ride pony. I take off my sock. Bending torso so that your dick hits that perfect way, slam ass on your thighs. Hands in yours. Fingers intertwined. Fuck you hard. Breasts bounce. “Fill me.””

“My eyes flick constantly between your breasts and eyes. You slam down so hard upon me, my balls shake. I pushback up. I want to come.” he admits.

“Grab your hands, rock back onto my feet so I’m in a deep squat, bouncing on you. The goddess you seek. I want you to come looking into my eyes.” I say.

“The struggle is not over.” he warns.

“Good because I also want you to come with your body against me. Now you are just cock. I want more of you.”

“I want you on your back variation of start of dance. My arms under your knees. This time holding your arms. You are gripped bodily around just cock & you come again. I am so slow so deep so hard so there so ready so eager.”

“So hot. So wet. Purring. Begging. I need you to come.” I beg.

“Tell me again.” he asks.

“I need you to come. I need it deep. Need you deep. I need you to come deep inside me.”

“My pace quickens I am deep as I can be.”

“It is as deep as I go.” 

“Mouth opens, breath expelled, eyes rolled. Take me now.”

“I love feeling you come. Feeling all your muscles tighten. Breath slow, then quick. Heart pound. So male, hard at work. Hard. Mine.” I claim.

“Your choice offer me a cigarette / cuddle / seconds. Meanwhile do I twist a knot in a discarded condom or see myself drip out of you? Hmmmmmm.” 

“Oh I know you want me to suck your cock now…” I say, not wanting the hot, sex stories to come to an end.

“You got it.”

“And omg we don’t do condoms or max in fantasy. Just like Africa. 😳”

“Hahahwhwhaha. Edit room 😆”

“Oh are we performing.” I ask.

This is the first of the hot, sexy stories we have co-written where we are both very aware that it will be posted here. I had hoped it would make no difference. It doesn’t, really.

“You were about to take me in your mouth a short while after I came deep inside you Zoe.”

“I’ve noticed you like that.” I smile.

“I am exhausted. What with being all male taut muscle cock stuff. Oh I do like that & you do too.”

“I do. I love sucking your cock and it surprises me always that you want it after. Big O lips of surprise.”

“Full of mystery me.”

“Ready for the head of your cock.” 

“69.” he says.

“O rly.” I question.

“Got your clit in sight.”

“Lazy me then. Distracted. Selfish.”

“Tongue is about 5cm up your inner thigh from bed. Laugh. Sex is fun.”

“I can’t laugh mouth full. No movement just sucking on your cock, your head at back of my palate. Tongue slides. But you do feel ‘mmmm’ which, like laugh, is also a noise of fun.

Where are my hands?”

“On me. From balls to stem to back to thighs your hands just move so expertly. Felatrix you & yes that is what it takes for 2nd ballet. You in a tutu. Me in a codpiece. Black swan white swan. Dance for it. But now I must bid you adieu. I must to sleep very soon. Long day ahead in four hours time. We as always. Fuck soon. Words are delicious.” he says, ending the hot, sexy stories for today.

“Goodnight. 😽(Puts back on sock, walks off the stage in tutu and sock)”

“Goodnight. Five minute standing ovation 👏”

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