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How to Get a Woman to Sext You?

How to get a woman to sext you? Try starting by acknowledging that many women turns you on but you want to fuck her the most.

“I am about to wrap a band around my cock and his floppy bits beneath in a triple knot engorged almost edging on pain hard and olive oil across the shaft lean against the mirror and with both my hands bring myself to orgasms knowing I can not ejaculate so bound and after a host of women I have never met who liked me on a dating app and the one who made a narrative of my photos telling me I was ‘juicy’…

I am going to stop delaying myself and hold in my mind’s eye the expression on your face when you know I am just fucking you and need to release.

And I shall unbound myself.

And sweating and shaking I shall say your name eyes rolled back in head and spine. Twitching, coil sprung.

So much cum.

So much liquid.

I shall look at it in front of the bathroom mirror. Say your name one more time. Aftercum drooling from my cock. Hormones flashing through my brain. Then I shall look at my reflection.

Feel good.

Feel useful.


At that side of me you alone see.

I shall catch my breath. Stroke my neck and nipples say your name. And he stiffens again. Next time will be longer. Only two twists of the band. I smell of oil. My right hand goes between my buttocks under the swollen balls. Greasy. My left hand gently playing my foreskin down and up over my tip.

And I say your name. And I remember hard fucking you.

Your noise

Your need

My need.

My noise.”

I am completely derailed by his message. We are in love and it is growing. It has distracted us from the raw desire that pulls at my clit now. He is the one for me. He eclipses all else.

Favorite” is all I can say.

How to Get a Woman to Sext You

How to get a woman to sext you? Repeat that she is also your Favorite

“I want to fuck every woman I think is hot and thinks I am hot. I feel like a cock for this world.

Then your name.

Your hold.

Your mind.

Comes into the centre of my desire. I want to fill you.

Three bands. 

I am flaccid. Distracted by 1% battery. Coz I really want cyber. Feel your wet pussy.”

“I am speechless. Alone. Desire seeps into pools of sweat and the world escapes my narrowing vision. You at center. Your cock. Your dance. I drip everywhere for you.


So fucking wet. I need you. Need you to fuck me hard and long and again.” I admit. Sigh. I feel inadequate. Challenged.

How to get a woman to sext you? Sext her so good she has to sext you back.

“When you are not here my fantasies kink out. When you are here we go vanilla. You are a great fuck.

And you simply say ‘fuck me Favorite’” he describes.

“I still feel you brand new.” I blush. “My body flutters when you walk in the room. I feel my clit throb at your voice. I am overwhelmed by lust for you and it shuts me down into safe vanilla land.

Fuck me Favorite.

Waves of pleasure through me. All last week. Through all the mess and noise. Too proud to whimper ‘please please fuck me Favorite’.

Spent the week dreading this. Knowing the moment you were out of my sight I’d move the Brooklyn Bridge just to feel your cock slide into me. See your face turn from sweet eyes to need. Wrap legs and arms and grab a towel across your ass to leverage you deeper. 

I need you deeper.

The gravel in your voice alone. Textured strumming of something so deep so primal. You make me hotter than anyone ever has. I still can’t believe that you exist. How can someone so delicious be here. Now. Do I deserve it? Maybe but I should work for it. Do a job. 

I want to feel you come jets at the back of my throat. To feel it on my tongue like water through a hose.

I want to make you come so hard it makes you mad at all the peripherals for not doing the same.

Fuck me Favorite.” I command.

How to get a woman to sext you? Confess what turns you on. Invite her to tell it to you.

“And I see your face in the mirror. Because you found me in self pleasure wandering through all ghost online profiles and it turns you on that I need to fuck you and seem shy that you caught me. I change energy.

Your cunt is there. I part your buttocks. I spread your legs. Hold your arms back. My greasy cock slipping unguided around your thighs and ass. And then I release your hands and push my cock against the opening of your cunt. Gently. You are surprised by change of rhythm. I wait until I feel you push against me expecting more. Then I cover your face.

‘You will sit one and fuck me blindfolded later.’ I tell you. You shrug shoulders sigh. 

‘Fuck me Favorite.’ My nails scratch your back the moment I enter you deeply as deep as I can. I groan with the Rush. I withdraw and do it again.

You are my cunt. And for first minutes I’m selfish. I am deep. You can’t see me, your face is covered. I see myself in mirror. I feel like I am a man of sorts. Ah. I realise I may come. 

I slap your ass and turn you around. Your face free. We kiss so passionately and slobbily.

‘I was going to come’ I say. 

‘I know’ you say.

My hand goes between your legs. You are dripping wet. I need to make you come again I tell you. I need you to come. 

‘Sit on my face’ I ask.

You do. Moving against me. Leaning against wall. My hands balancing you. You come. Then I slip the dildo I had hidden into your cunt

You are surprised change position. My tongue finds your clit. I am soon going to come on you. Fuck your mouth. I tell you. You moan and take my hand, take control of the dildo, urged on by the delight in my face.

Then you blindfold me. You pin me down Your tongue seeks out my balls. You suck them then stop. I am pinned down. Then you tie me three times I am engorged.

I am your cock.” he waits.

I am floored by his approach and speed and facility. He has me dripping wet and speechless. I try. I flail.

How to get a woman to sext you? Rapid fire desires at her. Tell her how much you want to please her.

“I am impatient. Almost faceplant walking to you on my knees. Straddle. Tease. Bright shining head of your cock. Mine. And so just the tip. Squeezing you. Using you. Not fucking you. Just massaging the entrance to my cunt with the tip of your cock. Like kissing. Sensitive.

One finger to my clit and then my cunt opens. Need you inside now. Just pressure. Presence. Pair your cock with my finger. Juicy circles. Watch you frustrate at my selfishness. But you’re wrapped. Tied. Hard. You won’t go soft if I use you. Make you stay stick still. Wanding pressure points on the inside. Position you just a little deeper, still only an inch, lean back so your cock presses the wall of my cunt and the wings of my clit. Cuz you’re my cock.” I affirm.

“Use my cock. I used your cunt.” he points out.

How to get a woman to sext you? Emanate equality.

“But so slippery even though I try  to shift angle, lean at you, plunge you just a bit further, leave you at rest against swelling g-spot, pushing continuously against you. No friction. No movement. Just placement. Angle. Coming hard around you. Thrice  But soon I am so wet that I cannot hold you still. And my hips move. Cuz now I need to be your cunt. 


I awaken. How to get a woman to sext you? Be patient.

“I look at your cunt. Draw breath. I reach inside myself for some emotion. Hidden behind love there is a savagery. I have held ejaculation so long and been edged by you. I can not think of anything else but the need to explode inside you.

Anywhere inside you.

Your mouth.

Your cunt.

Your breasts.

I am rough. I am so frustrated. My need is all.

And you allow me. Your head touching ground your back taut. I slam against you. Hard fucking in raw. I can only feel flashes across mind as I add your back and ass below me. And I want to come in you.” he says. The one rule we have set. But this is sexting.

How to get a woman to sext you? Ask for things you both want but can’t have in real life.

“Fuck me Favorite. I want it. Hard. Raw. Now. I want you to lose control. Want you scream my name when you come deep inside me.” I beg.

“And you want me to come in you. I am pushing all my weight and pivot against you. We will both feel fucked tomorrow. Bruised perhaps. 

And I start to say your name…”

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