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How to Have Multiple Orgasms: Makeup Sex 2

“Really inspired by our final conversations last night. Really really want to fuck you as soon as I am back. I am hoping to see Zoe five orgasms face. If that fits with schedule.”

This text comes through to me while I am working, and he is out. I jump at the chance. Our first session occurs in the ninety minutes I have between work meetings. 

It takes him twenty minutes to return to our place after I text him that I am free from the meeting. In that time I bring myself to orgasm, hoping he will keep to his word and keep it going.

How to have multiple orgasms? Give them to yourself.

I’m naked on the bed. There’s a heat wave in Barcelona. Wringing the sweat out of all of us. Locals walk around fanning themselves with hand fans. 

“Que calor!” the refrain of the week.

Almost like an insect crawling across me, beads of sweat take unlikely pathways along my skin, pushed aside by the grit and oil of the city.

The air is still and hot in here. We’re staying in a one room illegal Airbnb with a bunk bed that folds down from the wall of one end. It cramps us and leads us to frequent friction that fuels both fights and fucks.

He walks in the door and strips off his clothes. My nerves tingle at that intense look in his eyes, backed, almost always by a fleck of humor. No words. 

He simply dives into my pussy and licks me directly on my clit. No tease, no edge, no fumble. He quickly and expertly gets me off.

Knowing exactly how many orgasms he plans to give me sets expectations that allow us both to relax into it. How to have multiple orgasms? Know how many someone wants to give you.

I know he’ll stop at five. He’ll continue until he gets to five. I know what bolts of lightning to shoot out of my cunt through his mouth hoping to strike his cock in some way that has me fucked so good. Don’t have to ask any questions, can just lie back and enjoy it. 

His tongue flutters around my clit sending zaps, coiling and priming. He backs off from the direct contact for the next three orgasms, dancing around my clit, exploring, playing, learning, taking so much fucking delight in each of the tiny spots that bring me different pleasure. 

His mouth is dry from the heat, we are both always slightly dehydrated. Sucking down water, taking breaks from sex to splash ourselves. Not now, though, now he does not once come up for air. The dryness of his tongue adds texture, his taste buds soft rasping against my bud giving me texture to dig into and swivel against.

Until I come, again, gushing, and flood his mouth and my cunt.

He is a musician. He plays me like an instrument and knows the vibrations in his root, in his stem, in his core. My favorite lover gives me five orgasms in under five minutes. 

How to have multiple orgasms? Sleep with someone who has plenty of experience.

His corn and potatoes colored beard coated slick with me, he wipes his mouth with his arm before hovering over me, kissing me, deeply. 

I feel the pull of sleep, of hormones, of satisfaction. He has gone from never giving me enough orgasms to giving me way too many. I think. I’m no longer sure what I want when it comes to sex, because any sex we have is mind-blowing for me.

We take a break. I get up to get a drink of water.

“Be careful of everything” he warns. This has become our mantra in this small space we share that threatens our love for each other, our shins, our little toes, our heads, and well, just about everything.

This moment of sweetness and vulnerability is the first we’ve had in days. Nasty snaps. Prickly retorts. All the things we hate to hear from one another.

He’s told me before what he loves to hear.

“Please fuck me” I beg him in a pitch just slightly higher than my own. 

He looks me in the eye, holding himself in plank above me, and slowly, shallowly dips his cock inside the entrance to my pussy. Rotating his hot, hard knob until it is slippery with my juices and stretching the taut tissue that separates the outside of my body from the inside…

And with each dunk he slides just a little deeper against my folds and I flutter and hug the tip of his cock, feeling him pull back against a bowstring of tension, into ready, aim, fire as he plunges his cock deep inside me with a sigh both relieved and resigned. 

Massaging me in ways only his cock can at the same time as scratching that deep inner itch that only his cock can.

And this being makeup sex still the anger richochets between us and build him into a jackhammering, pounding frenzy as he clicks into that bio male delicious fuck mode and searches and uses my depths for the stimulation he needs. 

He fucks me, hard and long, sawtooth breath and tension in the upper cheeks, driving that dick into me while I moan and relax and he pulls out just as he squirts his load, diverting it between my legs into the sheet as he collapses on top of me.

How to have multiple orgasms? Don’t stop at one.

After my thirty minute work meeting he’s immediately fucking me again, from every angle we can think of. On top of me again, then flipping me over and pushing into me from behind. He is frustrated and wants to come, wants to empty his balls and fill me with his spunk. On me. In me. 

Sweat and spit mingle, dripping and dribbling out of both of us as we desperately try for more orgasms.

I wrap a leg over him while he rolls onto his side, pulling him into me as I lie on my back and furiously rub my clit until I come in clenching waves around his cock.

This turns him on and he just wants to fucking come. He pulls out of me and beats himself with no lazy in his stroke, going for it. 

But it’s hot and he’s hot and I’m hot and he can’t get what he needs from his hand. 

I ponder it. 

Would sucking his cock make him come when he himself cannot? Is sucking his cock how to have multiple orgasms?

“Can we count ourselves as made up for real if I suck your cock right now? If I make you come so hard and so fast between my lips and against my tongue?” I ask, sultry.

“Yes.” is all he says, eyes shining.

I engulf his half-hard cock with my wet mouth, drooling and sucking and humming around him, sloppily sucking him and caressing him with my tongue. Feeling the blood streaming into his dick makes me purse my lips He lets out a moan.

I pull his foreskin back with one hand and cup his balls with the other and suck his cock, gently but firmly. Precisely. Whirling my tongue under his head. Pulling blood into him and then circling the base of his cock with my fingers tightly, but not for too long. He’s almost instantly hard and writhing.

I pretend my mouth is my pussy as if I have no fears of him coming deep inside it and fuck his dick as his back arches and his whole body goes tense. I speed up just a little, suck just a little harder, and release my hands to the side of his hips as I guide him into a cooperative effort, encouraging him to fuck my face.

He moans, repeatedly, each one getting louder and more breathless as his back arches, every muscle in his body rigid, and he shoots come into my throat and shouts, throwing his head back in surrender.

That’s how to have multiple orgasms.

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