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Naked in the Dark

Naked in the dark. The way we are born.

“I want to fuck you in the dark.” he sighs. “Oh God. Hold your thighs apart. Find and slip into that tight wet… aww wow, what did you want to call it? Kitty? Pussy? You? Just there? Centimetre by centimetre.” He says.

We’ve been communicating for days without sex. He hasn’t been feeling well. I’m bracing myself for his disappearance. I feel comforted knowing the date of it. Knowing that he will indeed disappear for sure on August 8. Today is August 4.

And I am in London, now. I’m desperately dating trying to stave off the shock of his disappearance.

“It’s dark and I don’t understand centimeters. I would like to be naked in the dark with you. Right now.” I breathe across the microphone.

“Naked in the dark.” he repeats.

“Dark, but not quiet. As I yelp and gasp at each centimeter.”

“Centimetres are shorter than inches. Just say it’s my tip. My uncut tip to be precise. Just there.” he says. 

He knows that I do actually understand centimeters, but I love his explanations.

“My hips move of their own accord. Trying to catch that uncut tip just a little more. Just a little. Base of your cock is sink, base of my pussy source. Flowing out of me in rivulets. Sliding slowly down your cock. Droplets, rolling down my fingers. In real life. Too wet. You will slip. Cuidado.” I say.

“Ahhh it’s so cool to slip and you hungrily grab and put back. I like how you do that. Slip out. Slip in. Push. Find. Feel. Push. Hold. Slip slowly out. Return. Penetrate. Push.” he gasps.

“There. Come back. Too much. More.” I beg.

“I really like how you work my body. Just really like how you know how to work my body.” he moans.

“I forget what I like. What I want. I just want you. Just want your body. Want you inside.” I type.

And then he switches to video. We perform for each other. Each time, more extravagantly. This time, naked in the dark. It’s only now, 9 months later, that I realize the folly of not recording these sessions. I suppose it will remain the one form of virtual pleasure that is truly ours. Sorry, readers.

And then, it is August 7. The day before she returns.

“U gone” he asks.

“No.” I reply. I’ve been on my way to sleep. I am supposed to meet someone in the morning. That never happens.

“Tip of your head, centre of brow, voice breath and beating heart. Guts intestines and digestion. Vulva clitoris vagina. (I am doing chakra kissies).” He types.

“Continue.” I say, smiling.

“That was an easy penetration.” he types. 

“I’m all gooey. Soft.” 

“So i can slip out and in again and feel u gasp and in between run my tongue all over you. My tongue slips in just a centimetre. It runs across your chakras.” he describes.

“Mmmmm tongue. Back arching. Impatient. As if I can clue you into lingering. As if you aren’t exploring on purpose.” 

“U know I am.”

“Hands in your hair. Pretending to guide you. Feeling you receive and ignore all my signals. Dripping.” I type.

“Dripping.” he repeats.

Hot. Sex raditating heat. Extra. Want to feel your body. Connect the chakra dots. Kiss your nadis. All 72k. Time stands still. But still dripping.” 

“I am home.” he says. Don’t know whether he means that he physically has arrived back at his place from his friend’s house, or whether he is home in my cunt. I assume both. He is naked in the dark.

“Still spreading. Inviting.” I invite.

Now i tie you.” he types.

“I look at you. Naked in the dark” I type.

“From neck plaits around back across breasts to loops down your sex and back through your buttocks. You are tied without being in bondage. And you I believe get off on it. U look at me. U look at urself in the mirror. You drip. And your hands move to your clit.

“I like watching you design me. Dress me in rope. And what of you. Naked. Your body. Your aura. Soft and blinding. Unbound and blinded. Putting on a show for you. It’s not about me. Touching myself as though you’re there. Watching, Spread lips further. Give u a view. Fingers shiny. Dripping. Watching your cock. Does it twitch if I slide a finger into myself. Where. When it penetrates? The pop of entry? Or when it disappears?” I ask.

“I feel i need to slip my cock in your mouth. Feel i need stand in front of you naked unashamed so hard. I dressed you in rope u can pull yourself to your own pleasure. And u see my cock twitch.”

“And this soaking rope. You beautiful unashamed. Lips part. Tongue licks lips. Inviting.” I smile.

“I unbutton my shirt. Drop my trousers. I am now as in writing naked unashamed and hard.” he types. His full attention is so intense after our lazy conversations across hours and days. I tremble.

“And I am wet with lips parted. All of them. Mouth watering. Fingers paused around my clit. Waiting. Waiting for any dose of you. To ride that lode. Nothing else exists but your cock. Fixed. Want. Focused. Fixed. Determined. But lazy. Fingers still on my own clit. Just little nudges of pressure to keep myself hard. Waiting for you to give me what I want.” I type.

“Oh I thought I was taking a chance to slip inside your mouth and slip inside your cunt, which is why I tied you. You didn’t know that I’d been slipping inside your mouth, and then slipping inside your cunt? Oh.” he says, by voice. He sounds sad, disappointed. 

“Oh I knew, but that’s not what I want… I want you to stay.” I say, by voice. Then back to typing. “You know I pout every time you take it away. Excited when you slip in. Appalled when you slip out.” I explain.

“U gasp each time i push inside u.”

“I’m little. You’re enough to make me gasp. It fills my world, not just my pussy. And you feel so fucking good. And I want your body. I want your chest against mine. I rebel. Wrap my legs around you. Cross them. Grab my own ankles.” I type as I lie there, naked in the dark.

“There’s the thing. The rope that’s around you has not only spread your pussy but it has tightened your breasts. They are now sensitive, so sensitive when my chest comes in there. And in just a brief moment I can link your hands to your knees. You can get up whenever you want. But you suddenly find yourself hand to leg.

Your hands at your ankles and your look so intense. Your face so beautiful, your cunt so opening and enticing. What else can I do? What else am I expected to be?

I become a hard, big, cock in your small, wet, tight, pussy.” he says, by voice. He sounds like he may have been drinking. 

His wife gets home tomorrow, why wouldn’t he be?

“And I run out of words. Just fuck me.” I say, breathing hard.

“Now that I have you so tied up and prone I could fuck you like a toy, but it’s now that I really want just the tip, because I want to see you squirm. And I want you to ask me. I know it’s stupid. Because I’m going to tell you: I’m going to fuck you.”

“Tied open. Prone. Dripping. Staring at you. Always staring at you. Now I’m pretending to be patient. And I’m not asking. Not yet. It doesn’t matter. My pussy’s begging for you. And you can see it.” I say. 

Remember you have a mirror and see yourself too as we move posture, even as we are naked in the dark.” he types. 

“Moments spent looking at you, unashamed, are priceless. You eclipse me. You look at me. I’ve seen it. I look at you. Naked in the dark. Handsome. Chakras shining. Even that root. That catch and reflect. That dance. That rhythm. Yours. Nipples pulsing, dreamy. Hair messed up. Don’t care about the rope. I’m supposed to be a toy. I forgot.” I type, then switch to voice. 

“Still holding back all the words I want to whisper in your ear while you fuck me in real life. While you give me your cock and take it away, over and over. Will you fuck me, please, I’ll be a good toy?” I ask.

I forgot about rope. Remember now. You on your belly pillow under you. Ass up in air. If I pull the knot at bottom of your spine your lips squeeze your clit and part your lips. And u r lazy. And i am slow.” he types.

“Your thighs touching mine from behind make me moan. Let me hear you come. For real. Please. Your breath your voice… Face down I hear you breathing. Squirming.” I type. I’m glad when he then switches back to voice.

“If I pull the knot in the middle of your spine then your breasts are squeezed and your back arches and your face looks in the mirror and sees me behind you and that rhythm. My thighs, slapping against your buttocks that you can see in the mirror. It gets quicker and quicker. And you feel the sweat drip off of me onto your back and you think ‘Ahhhh wow! Oh, oh, I have a cock inside me. I’m making this man sweat for me.’ And you see me in the mirror sweating for you. Naked in the dark.” he says. His voice is slurred.

“It’s your cock inside me. Your perfect cock. And for once I’m not looking at you. I’m burying my head in the pillow. So I could just feel you.” I say, breathing hard.

“Time to release those ropes and all those parts of your body that before weren’t really under tension but were under tension a little bit and released they feel so extra sensitive because they’re no longer under tension.  And… I wanted or I want to be on top of you. Are you still lazy? But I try invite you to be on top of me. Fuck your cock. Fuck it.” he commands.

The range of emotions in his voice make me greedy for him. 

“Riding you in short hard strokes.” I type.

“I want all of u and i want to see u come. Please come for me. Naked in the dark. Why else would i be a cock?” he asks.

“Then longer. Then stop. Fingers on my clit. Squeezing and dripping around you so hard. Bending forward pressure. Hard where I want you. Still. Calm before the storm. I’m going to come and then I’m going to fuck you until you come.” I sigh. Naked in the dark.

And then we switch to video. For an hour and a half. We fuck and fuck. 

We are also saying goodbye. His wife returns in mere hours. I feel the advance of the inevitable in ways that tear me apart. My friends tell me “it’s just sex”. As though there is anything more important.

His goodbye messages include things like “you’re not invincible”. I think it’s sweet that he thinks that I think that I am. That my life to him seems so daring that I must think myself impervious. He wants me to be safe. I know it comes from love.

Naked in the Dark

I want you to suck my cock. As I like next to you just about fall asleep. Is that terrible?” he types, immediately after we sign off. His stamina blows my mind.

“Are you crazy that’s the opposite of terrible. I want to suck you until you are hard. And then I want you to slip inside me. And then I want to fall asleep. Wake up. Fall asleep. Wake up. You’re inside. And not. And again. Your hands are on my breasts, surfing them like waves. And then the next time I come to, you’re licking me. And I come and pass out. Naked in the dark.

When you wake up I’m sucking your cock again. Deep and slow like a grown-up pacifier. And I want to fall asleep with you on my lips. And I never feel guilt. I feel responsibility. And none of us are invincible. I am never safe and no one is. And I love the future. It excites and delights me. And I am not afraid. I am not guilty that I am not afraid. And you. Enjoy. The present moment. With your cock in my mouth.” I type. And we are at it again.

“I like how u lick me and sheath me.” he says.

“I love the warmth. Your texture. The current. Inhaling you. Tasting you. And being far too sleepy to do a good job. Just holding you in my mouth. Embracing you. Arms around your hips, hands massaging your low back.”

“I want your mouth on my cock. Making me hard again. I want to lick you. Fuck u again. Until u sleep exhausted. But now my cock is in your mouth and it feels so good.” he says.

“You shock me every time we go again. Every time we go in the first place, actually. I never expect you. You are pure delight. And so I’m shocked awake. Sucking your cock. Faster.”

“Making it as hard as you need it to be.” 

“I love feeling you get hard. Love making you hard. I love making you cum. But yes so sleepy. And still thinking of your thighs on mine as you fuck me from behind. The feeling as you get near. The hairs on your legs tickling me. The warmth of your skin. The muscles engaging to get you the right angle to slip in. That sweet moment when you’re close enough to grab. When I can push back with my hips and catch you. Grabbing my hips like a ship’s wheel. Swiveling. Pumping. And then I sleep.” I type.

“U sucked me hard again so i could lie next to you and lazy fuck u to our exhaustion.” he realizes.

“Yes. And not sure who is awake or asleep and you fuck me so perfectly.” I say.

U know me so well.” he says.

“My pussy has known your cock so long they have inside jokes. They whisper below our consciousness. They gossip. They’re using us. Until we are sleepless.”

“Until i have emptied inside u all i have and u have shaken in orgasms to sleep, just one more lazy time that is all i need and crave. As i slip deep inside your wet welcoming body.”

“And eyes half open I just mouth your name. Just one more time. Just once. Sloppy wet. Tenderized. Happy. Fuck me. Fuck me like you need to come. Even if you don’t. If you’re too sleepy. Even if you can’t.”

“The idea of u sucking me hard made me hard. The memory of being behind you made me want to lazy fuck you from behind. The memory of a brief sight of your breasts made me want to fuck you face to face. I need to fuck u again b4 sleeping. Naked in the dark.”

“Fuck me.” 

“I am. I fuck.” 

“Love feeling bolts of lightning in you, even as you fuck in rhythm. Recede and collect and release. And what rhythm. Different every time. But carried by you. Want your hard cock deep inside me. Gushing.”

“This time i am so tired and u are so wet and all i can do is fuck you quickly until i come.”

“Which is my favorite. When that’s all you can do. When you are conserving energy. When you’re working. When you are straining. When that beast expands. I love it. I love the way your cock feels when you know I want you to come more than you want to come. When you know you’re invited. Requested. Needed. Desired. I want you to come inside me more than I want anything. For real.”

“You squeeze so hard. You seem to want to pump my cum out of me. And I want it in u.”

“Faster. Harder. Squeeze you. Satiny smooth pussy grasping you. Come for me.” I request.

“I shall. Faster harder. Crazy with desire and need. Naked in the dark.”

“Invincible me can be brought down in a split second by one look from you. What do you think filling me with your cum does to me? It’s all I want. Just that. Oblivion. The IDEA of you has me shook. Your cock in the flesh. Inside of me. Yours. Not any cock. Not just a cock. Yours.

And here, on the last night of our relentless three weeks of cyberfucking – I fall asleep on him for the first time. He has fallen asleep on me plenty of times. I am not the disappearer in this connection. Except for now. Now I am gone. I am sleeping naked in the dark. He keeps going.

“Your pussy is being fucked so hard and deep. You have opened and orgasmsed so much you drip and unless i am deep inside i slip out. But i am deep hard for my pleasure this last fuck before sleep. I find energy i didn’t before.

I greedily hold your hips finding my angle. Aching to explode. I like how u tell me to fuck u. Gets me everytime. Wow. Do you feel fucked? Coz I do. I collapse against your body. Waves of cerebral hormones. Barely capable of kissing and then asleep my hand on your buttock my breath against your neck. Thank you. Blessed be.”

I wake up just before 6am on the 8th. Immediately reach for my phone.

“Blessed be. Mmm I actually fell asleep on you. That’s absolutely amazing.”

“I just woke up. With your hand on my cock. Oh wow, that’s cheating. That’s not fair.” he says, by voice. Laughing.

“Yeah well, you know I’m a cheater. Mmmm. I just woke up. I like my hand on your cock. Wait I get to wake up holding your cock. Hmmmm. Hmmm. Good morning.” I say, sleepily.

“Oh good morning. Ah. You have my attention. And my blood is working properly. Mmm. Mmm. Good morning. Mmm.” he says.

“You ruin me. That’s amazing. Oh, I’m still wet. I think if we meet in person we may need to have medical staff available. Mmm. Now I’m just stroking your cock. I’m pretending to be sleepy but you know I only have two modes. I’m only sleepy because I don’t want to move because my hand’s on your cock.” I say.

“Ohhhhhh. Mmmm. Good morning. I never last that long in the morning. But I’m a good boy, I’m a good cock… Ooohhhh what do you do with me?” he moans. 

“I don’t neeed you to last long. I need you to come. Besides I don’t think I’ll last long either. I don’t want you to come in my hand though. Will you fuck me again?”

“I didn’t last long at all I came. Oh let’s go have a shower. Let’s go have shower sex. Oh wow, God, you and I are into fucking so much. Oh, a woman with a high sex drive is a very intersting woman indeed. A woman with a high sex drive who’s a writer is even more interesting.”

“Mmm shower. But first….” and I come for him. 

“Good morning. You have a beautiful and blessed day. And live.”

I send him a kiss.

“Back at u.” I say.

And it is done.

Or is it?

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