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Nigeria is the Future

Nigeria is the future because to live there you have to be one of the toughest people on the planet, and yet the most porous.

Lagos, Nigeria

You must let everything through, all the joy, all the sorrow. Corruption, color, colonialism. 

Nigeria Market Lagos
Wholesale Perishable Market, Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is extreme. Nigeria will explode. The people are at the bursting point. You can hear it in the way they talk to one another. They express themselves extremely, full-bodied, with no repression of emotion, and to them that is normal. Nigeria is the future because they are not governed by fear.

Nigeria is the future because they saw slavery from the small end of the telescope.

At Badagry my visit coincides with a group of schoolchildren mostly 8-10 years old. We share a narrated walk through the museums of the slave trade, part historical, part artistic.

On the boat to The Point of No Return the kids naturally respond to the call and response of the narrator.

“Because we are not…” he leads

“WE ARE NOT SLAVES” they follow.

“What are we?” he asks.

“WE ARE FREE!” they answer.

I catch a glimpse of one of the children’s books and see the notes he has made. They are outlining the steps to a SWOT analysis. I explain to the teachers that in the United States, you might learn that at a very specific university, and that I myself didn’t encounter it until the last couple years working in a marketing and business career that spans 15 years now. The teachers smile. 

“Nigeria is the future” I say, pointing to the child, who saw me react to his notebook and is now furiously, neatly, perfectly in bullet format, taking notes on what he has learned about slavery this day.

Nigerian student - Nigeria is the Future
Nigerian Student

“A slave is someone under bondage” it says, outlined at the top of his page. The notes continue:

“Types of plantation:

Mango plantation

Banana Plantation

Plantain Plantation

Orange Plantation

We have two type of slave

Domestic slave

Field slave

Slave bear their master name”

Cassava in Nigeria
Nigerian Cassava

Nigeria is the future because Nigerians don’t see things the same way. I think about how American my Nigerian-American lover was. Little of what I see here is reflected in him. He seems like a run-of-the-mill East coast black man at first. Digging deeper I see it, that he doesn’t have the scars of descent from the tortured end of slavery, but does have the nicks and cuts of a recent immigrant. 

His parents made the jump from Nigeria to the US. Nigerian Americans rank as USAmerica’s wealthiest immigrants.

When you take Nigerian film and run it through an American projector – the movie is rich.

But it doesn’t necessarily pass along to their children evenly. I note the born American Nigerians end up absorbing the stigma of minority. And my lover does, as well.

Nigeria is the richest country in Africa. Folks know the money is there and that the government is hoarding it. They’re onto it, all of them, and there’s enough frustration to light the fuse. People have had enough that there is a youth uprising against police brutality and corruption going on when I meet and fuck my Nigerian American lover. 

He has been to the protests in the US. They’re occurring around the world. I regret that he didn’t take me. #ENDSARS

Lekki Tollbooth Massacre
Lekki Tollbooth

In Lagos, I see the spot where the Lekki Tollgate Massacre occurred last October. I see it every day that I’m there.. The tollgate is still non-functional and partially destroyed. Everyone sees that the government is choking people to death. Many people in Nigeria hate Nigeria because they’re not dumb. Uprising is imminent.

Nigeria is the future, and it will take its future.

“A few hours later, it was reported that armed men of the Nigerian Army arrived at the scene of the protest and opened fire on peaceful and unarmed protesters, thereby resulting in a disputed number of deaths. A clip of the shooting videoed by a brave Nigerian youth, DJ Switch, trended on the Internet showing how live round of bullets were being shot at innocent protesters who crouched on the ground, holding hands together and singing the Nigerian National Anthem. There were also reports that at least 50 other people were injured. However, the Lagos State government later reported that the shooting resulted in up to 25 injured, and only 2 dead.”

My Nigerian American lover and I smoke a lot of weed and fuck, and love smoking weed, and love fucking, which I do still think is the great intersection between me and Nigerians. I meet another Nigerian man in Lagos that were he not otherwise occupied I am sure would be glad to smoke weed with me and fuck me. He tries to give me more weed than I want. Africans consistently give me more weed than I want.

My Nigerian American lover has a big, black dick. 

His skin is black. Not brown. He is a dark man and not a drop of European blood has passed through the lines. But he fucks like an American, not like an African. He’s focused on getting the job done. 

I tell him before I even meet him that I have my period and he tells me that he won’t eat me, but doesn’t care otherwise. I figure that’s fair and it’s peak Covid anyway I might as well risk my life for cock if anything.

He’s charming and handsome and wiry and small, with a big, circumcised dick. I already know I’m not going to like the actual sex as much as I like the idea of the sex. We connect intellectually, but I can tell he’s going to fuck and run from the getgo. He wants pussy. I want cock. It ends up being more transactional than is worth it.

In Nigeria, I learn from the man I meet about Mary Slessor, introduced respectfully as “The white lady who stopped the killing of twins.” 

He is recommending I go to Calabar to see what she saw. And to Abuja. I know that I will take his recommendation. I feel seen. It’s a warm embrace after being mostly stared at. I think briefly about whether he is circumcised, and whether his girlfriend is circumcised and whether I want to be “The white woman that stopped circumcision”. 

My Nigerian American lover doesn’t stare. He rarely meets my eyes. Especially during sex. But he sure likes watching his dick go in and out of my bloody, wet cunt. I watch him watching me. I like the motions he makes with his lips, like he’s mouthing words that just can’t get out.. I like his broad, flat, Nigerian nose sitting above his quivering lips. 

Lips that remind me of the pursed lipped intake that makes up the sound used in Lagos to call attention, usually to something sold. 

Wholesale Pepper Market, Lagos, Nigeria

On the plane into Nigeria it is relatively calm for the first two thirds of the flight, though I do on boarding see what registers as a fight to my virgin observation of Nigerian and specifically Lagosian culture. Later I learn that they’re just incredibly expressive. They’re not fighting.

Three quarters of the way through the flight the Nigerians show their true colors even more. A woman stands in front of a man in a seat one row back from mine and makes demands. 

“This is my seat!” 

When the guy tries to explain that it’s been empty the previous four hours of the flight and he took it for that reason, she doesn’t accept his protest that she also was obviously sitting somewhere else for most of the flight.

“Don’t question me!” she shouts, and demands her seat, escalating into enough rage to involve the other passengers, some shouting at her to shut up, others supporting her, some narcing her out to the flight attendants – small Ethiopian women that are just too stunned to do intervene in this incident. It culminates with her sitting down on the man’s lap for ten minutes before he begrudgingly gets up and moves. 

The stunned, too little, too late Ethiopian Airlines flight attendants check in on everyone involved, and I hear the man explain “Yes I’m okay, I’ve always been okay.” 

Lagos From Above
Lagos, Nigeria, from above

Nigeria is the future because they aren’t repressed. And the future will be here when they aren’t oppressed.

My Nigerian American lover fucks me from behind and comes silently. Afterwards he makes me come, immediately reaching for my clit to do so before I can ask him to or protest, neither of which I’m inclined to do. I respect his reciprocity, even if it feels like it comes from obligation.

We equally don’t really want to fuck each other, but are settling for an unobjectionable fuck. He walks out of my life that night.

Afrika Shrine Fela Kuti
Afrika Shrine, Lagos, Nigeria

I’m sitting in Afrika Shrine high on Nigerian weed and listening to Fela Kuti. I caught a light off of one of the security guard, and then when it went out they brought me a lit joint to light mine off of. They offer to roll it for me, but I shoo them away, even knowing they’ll do better – because they do better at most things. They are superior human beings in every regard but straight, efficient logic. There, I got them beat.

Nigerian Weed
Nigerian weed

Nigerian weed is like the country itself. Looks like shit from the outside, but the content is potent and deep and clear. Nigeria is the future.

When someone sneaks a knife in I get to see the infamous security beatdown, which includes ejecting him with anything handy. Two by fours. Chairs. A ladder.

Nigeria is the future because of the past.

My Nigerian American lover and I fuck in Washington DC the day before the USAmerican election where Trump loses the presidency. My Nigerian American lover is USAmerican.

Slave bear their master name.

Nigeria is the Future
Nigeria is the Future

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