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4th of July Orgasms

“Taste me?” I implore, on the 4th of July. I need orgasm. Cybersex examples.

“You know you can put my head against your sex and i lick, suck, drink & move” he reassures me.

Cunt awake. Got that thawed ice rush of heat and sluice. Your words flick a hole in that frozen shield and underneath so alive. Babbling. I want you to lick me softly, so soft and broad and warm and slow. I want to feel your lips, not just tongue. Textures. Slow. Aimless.”

“I need aim. Need to be told sometimes where i can go and where not. That is why i grip so gently your outer labia a moment in my mouth sucking them into my tongue. And then so suddenly let go. Because i feel i was so intense. And i cast my eyes at yours.”

“I squirm a bit but the adventurousness gets me hotter. Trust me to stop you?

You know you can always be safe, try the right side just below the hood. There’s a groove. And do not mess with my ass. Put one finger in me, just to the first knuckle. And just leave it there.” I order.

“& as usual & often i edge you. Takes time. Every time i edge u i feel so burnt at the bottom of my spine that you edge me. Coz we make it last.” he claims. If our cybersex examples are proof, he is correct.

“Feedback loop. In real life I broke a sweat when you said that.” 

“Even though we know we both orgasm lots and i see you twitch and u know my cock stays hard.”

“Potential energy.”

“How many time have u thought u emptied me? But i stayed hard for you. You stayed wet for me.”

“I get wet at things that merely represent you.” I state. Cybersex examples.

“And you are so wet.” he says.

“Soaking. Soft.”

“Slip within you in an eyeblink. But want edge you.”

“Easier to do after the first three orgasms. Not that you need it to be easy.” I add.

“Bring u to our first shared orgasms my tongue mouth fingers weight and your need. Coz u need.” 

“I run my hands through your hair. Sweat. Heat. I need bad. I need your body” I admit.

“All you have is my mouth. I leave you in your quiver after third orgasm and sit far from you.”

“Center of your attention. Do you think I’m really shy? Underneath?” I ask.

“I know you want to be seen, adored. You know i have always wanted to paint you. Like a fucking festival pixie. But i never shall get to.” 

My heart sinks.

“Oh never is not a word I like.” I pout.

Cybersex Examples

“Just my first orgasm.” he says.

I want all your juice. Electric. Spit. Sweat. Spunk. You’re looking at me from over there. Socially distanced. I’m playing with myself. Defiantly. Looking at you. Objectifying you. Admiring you. Fingers slip around my clit, covered in your spit and my wet and I’m starting at your cock and fucking myself with my finger. My fatal flaw on display. Impatience.

Your jawline. Your teeth. Hair. Your shoulders. Your nose. Chin. The weave of your leg hair. And then I just stop playing with myself because…. It’s your voice. Your utterances. I want to hang every orgasm on them. I’m not sure who has control.” I admit. Upping the cybersex examples. He catches and returns.

“And now i tie your hand to your knee. And put loose japanese rope knots across your tits. Coz i want to tease your nipples and see your patience and need. You say when i stop. Yet i still haven’t put my cock in your cunt yet. Just my tongue and fingers. I love how silk rope parts your cunt’s lips. The colour of your sex. And then i ask you do you feel you want to control ropes on yourself or me?” he asks.

“Me. But… I do want to please you.”

“That is how i tied them. U do please me. But u should do more.” he teases.

“What should I do?” I ask.

“I should please you. Have i? Did i just waste commonplace fantasy?” he asks. His insecurity tickles me.

“Wasted it on making me sweat and drip… And shudder. And how to measure pleasure.” I ruminate.

“Am i now so small i walk in you? Trundle around. I just popped back out.”

“I’m tied. I can’t touch you.” Thinking about his orgasm.

“I did not tie both your arms.” he reminds.

“Then I’ll guide you back in. I’m squirming. Not patient. Needs. Waiting. Hot. Rubbing against you like a cat. What about my mouth. Your cock. Still tied slick and open. What about you pulling on that silk while I suck on you. Steering reigns. On my elbows and knees above you. One of your hands on the rope, the other sneaking around to slide in my pussy from behind, but just to the first knuckle… Gently fucking me with your finger in the same rhythm as I suck on you. 

What about if your hand is tied. Locking in the feedback loop not just in energy. Not just in voltaic head to toe ourobouric infinity – but with rope and pulleys to pull us into the moebius.

Please fuck me. You like it when I beg. You know you’re the only one I have ever begged.” It’s true. He is.

“& so you slip out of knots and decide if you tie me or not. What would it mean? Feel like?” he asks.

“I don’t want to think of all the things I could make it mean. But it would feel sweet and tender. I once said I didn’t want to hold your short rope. But maybe… Just for a little while… Could I try? Maybe a longer rope. I have lost my knots. I wish I’d studied up. I’m making square knots because that’s all I have. Do you want to be tied? What would you love? Ah yes that bowline’s a’comin’ back. Now I have 2 knots. I’m unduly proud of myself. As usual.” I reflect.

“Well done. 2 knots. V cool.” he lauds.

“I rarely give you time to answer my questions.” I realize. Too busy creating cybersex examples.

“No u don’t. We are writers. Nothing more.”

“At the same time you wrote that I was writing ‘and so much more’. Opposites attract they say. Nah. It is fun. Hot. It is live erotica. But you’re human and I really like kissing you irl.”

“Oh you sweetie.” he says.

“And want to. Right now. Oh and also really like fucking you. I like to orgasm. And other things, too, like talking and holding hands.”

“I like humans.” 

“I am not just a keyboard. Believe in connection. Prioritize it. And I loved having sex with you, and will love it again, inshallah.”

“Hold my hand.” he asks.


We sit in silence, holding hands, virtually. Fireworks blaze and pop in the distance on my end. 

I do not know what happens on his.

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