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The American Lovers: South Dakota I

Rapid City, South Dakota. South Dakota Men. This is the first of a story in 2 parts: The American Lovers, South Dakota Part II In my mid-30’s, I am a nomad within the United States as a prequel to my global rambling. I’m out to discover America, and my soul. I know it has been Read More

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Use A Condom

I drive up to the winding road to the house not too far in from the mouth of Kagel Canyon, Northeast of Los Angeles, near Sylmar, where The Plant Whisperer has made his home for the moment. I chuckle at the name of Kagel Canyon, like most do, even funnier in the context of the Read More

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The Persian Lovers: The First Persian

As my desire for Persian men deepens, I reflect on the Persians I’ve been with before, and at first forget about Darab – my first Persian lover – because he doesn’t fit any of the profiles I’ve set up for myself around Persians. He is Baháʼí, not Muslim. He is my age, or slightly older, Read More

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Young Persian Lover

I’m spending a couple months at my parents’ house in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder is homogenous, wealthy, and white, and I am bored and restless. I begin accepting Couchsurfers, looking for some diverse interactions. A 25-year old Persian from Shiraz, Iran who has studied in the US for the last 4 years contacts me.  His profile Read More

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So I’m in bed with Bardia, 25, Persian, from Shiraz but has lived in the US for 4 years. I’m looking at our legs, crossed. His body is long and lanky, thicker around the hips and smaller around the shoulders. He shows signs of growth spurts, which I slyly map with my eyes so that Read More