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“Don’t get technical” my pentecost lover compels through dirty sex chat.

“Lol. I like how you give orders. Relax. Don’t get technical. Can you boss me around a little more?”

“Stand tall….. Reach up your hands…..part your legs…..find your center of gravity. What are you wearing?” he asks.

“I’m wearing underwear and an old t-shirt with giant holes in it, one so big under my arm that if I lie down my left breast pokes through it.” I admit.

“I thought you were standing.”

“I was.”

“But already lying down.”

“I got lazy. What are you wearing?” I ask.

“Sandals cords white shirt.”

“You’re all put together.”

“I am at my best friend’s house, he would think it weird if I washed my feet touched my toes stretched my back supple my muscles and dropped my trousers. I am lazy too.”

“I’m just grinning at the image.” I say. And I am, widely. Him at his friend’s house during our dirty sex chat is pleasing. I like how he can’t resist me.

“So how would you like me to strip. And how is that left breast and right hand. Oh i have a mask too.” he chooses to tell me. 

This pulls me into the present. Is this fantasy or reality?

“Right well let’s get rid of that first. Or…. Should we keep it on….”

“Of all the masks we could wear covid19 are the ugliest. But concentrates the eyes. So imagination.”

“It’s there. It’d ugly. The last time we did this dirty sex chat thing I brought out a condom.” I concede.

“So did I. So imagination. What color are your underwear?”





“Organic cotton”


“I was wet as soon as your icon popped up”

“My icon popped up. Odd cuz I am not actually there or anywhere today. I am doing pentecost. Your breasts are iconic.” says my pentecost lover.

“Not Shavouth?” I ask, trying to seem like I know about Abrahamic religious holidays, and completely skipping over that my favorite lover just called my breasts “iconic”.

“Nope long story pentecost fascinates me”

“My imagination has you slowly fucking me while you’re telling me that long story.” I say.

“At what point in our long lazy embrace did u put my tip in you? Or was that a slip. U pulled my hair.”

“That feeling of leaving me completely out in the woods with my intellectual hubris around me ankles left me greedy and aching for your cock – and you were a little distracted talking anyway.”

“I was. And you were so wet. And lying prone. And despite the banter this is your fuck. Oh i am lazy. Notice your kegel muscles squeeze more when I am lazy.” says my pentecost lover.

“I’m trying to jerk you off using just the muscles because you aren’t moving, but since that not working I’ll flip you on your side and me on my back. 

Which, I remember we did, in person, that hot August night…” 

Dirty Sex Chat

“I am going to lose wifi in a moment.” is his response. I am used to this. He squeezes me in around errands. His phone has no data. He stops in stairwells to cyberfuck me.

“Oh alas. Now you’ll be fucking me endlessly all day while I play with myself. Frozen in place…”

“Frozen in place. When is the last time you tied someone or was tied?” asks my pentecost lover.

“About a year ago.”

“You can tie me into you. Not difficult. So that if your legs move i move and i can not leave. You said all day. So you expect to exhaust me. Do not know why you expect so much from me that my sphincter muscles hurt and my prostate aches and my balls empty all i can do is dry twitch.” I’m taken aback at this, sure that I’ve turned him off somehow. 

“Well if we’re going to be so realism, might as well keep the mask on. I don’t expect you to perform or be hard all day.” I say defensively.

“Nor did i expect you do be wet all day. That is why people do chat and drugs and play. Now I am not alone anymore. And I really want to fuck. If even just few minutes.”

“Please lets. Random talks of Pentecost and masks and police brutality is enough foreplay for me.”

“Your hair still short? Mine is really short and beard too.” he says.

“Not as. Top comes down just over my eyes. Back and sides a bit. I am in need of a cut. Fingertips on your head. Hands on your face. Feeling what’s changed. Feeling the coarseness that comes with the shortness. I want to kiss you so wet and so deep and so long. I want to catch you kissing me with your eyes open. We both need it, so… please fuck me? I’m already wet, lips spread, brow a little furrowed. Wriggling out of the t-shirt.”

“Fuck yes.” says my pentecost lover. And here, I know, we’ve begun.

“My fingers are exploring your body. I’m pretending not to be going directly for your cock.”

“And I sigh and gasp and I want to know you want my cock.” he says. I love how he wants me to want him because I do. Desperately.

“Circles around your waist, watching your cock twitch and jump makes me so hot. I’m asking you politely may I please have your cock inside me? I’m playing with my clit with my left hand while touching you with my right hand. Cunt aches for your cock. Hurts so bad it makes my stomach hungry. Can I fuck you?” I ask.

“Yes on top i am lazy i need to see your breasts move feel your hands hold my arms because you are not so lazy anymore. So yes. Do.” he allows.

“I like watching you lying there lazy and smiling, there’s a cute smugness I’ve not seen on you before and it reminds me you’re still a stranger. A stranger with a hard-on. I climb on top of you, sit on one hand, put two fingers of the other in my pussy, and then use both hands to make your cock slippery and just take you to the hilt in one motion.”

“Finally.” says my pentecost lover.

“You feel so good.”

“Right there.”

“You wanted to watch so I’m moving for you. Articulate each vertebra. Swiveling hips. Shallow. But it won’t last long.” I am planning ahead, feeling the pressure to make him so hot he can’t abide the company he has.

“You wanted to see me. Stomach taut. Sweat breaking. Skinny slender whatever. Now you have moved. You still want to fuck so badly.” he responds.

“Playing with the energy streaming out of your cock and through me back into you. Leaning forward, hands on your arms. Starting to post. Smacking my thighs on your hips. My eyes have been closed but I open them and you’re so fucking gorgeous. Face. Eyes. Chest. Rips. Hands move to your ribs. I like your ribs. Even though I’m on top you’re still driving. The angle of your cock limits my movement. I love it. A couple high bounces so I can pull all the way off of you and feel you thrust all the way back in.”

“Come! Come! Come!” he cheers.

“You first. I’m playing with myself leaning forward. You’ve bent your knees so I can push back and down against you. It’s you coming that will make me come. It’s the extra sensation inside, I can feel you come in my cunt, like water through a hose I feel it moving through your cock from the outside.”

“Acoustics. I shall grunt and ah.”

“Your noise reveals your voice which just lights me up. Even here in cold hard typeface: it’s evident that I’m American and you’re not. Don’t care why just that it does make me want you to come so deep inside me. I’m moving faster, breasts resting on your chest, sliding against you. Smooth skin. Your hands kneading my back. And that hardening, all your muscles locking, I feel it coming. Come for me?” I beg.

“Can i have double orgasm please zoe? Begin in your cunt finish in your mouth and then feel bashful?” asks my pentecost lover.

“Yes sir. I am smiling because I know what you want and I can give it to you good. Breaking rhythm only as I feel the first spurt through your cock I give you one last heavy squeeze from base to tip with my pussy pulling the spunk out of you as I pull you out and launch backwards to catch your cock in my mouth. 

You taste like you.

And me. And I suck you a bit until you wince. Are you really bashful then?” I ask.

“I am discreet in plain sight, not bashful. 

And I am finally alone. 

Oh stimulus.

Oh imagination.

Oh words never forgotten. 

Can we video this dirty sex chat all over again?”


Alas, dear readers, we don’t record the videos…

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