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Crush (Part 3 of 3): Working Crush at a Winery

“Crush” is an excerpt about crushing wine grapes and cleaning wine vats for a winery from my first book, Down and Out in California. This is part 3 of 3. Read Part 1 of Crush Read Part 2 of Crush The next day after I clean the augur of doom they show me slightly more respect Read More

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Zwack Unicum and Family Legacy

I am fascinated by the story of Zwack Unicum. One of Hungary’s most prized national drinks, its signature bottle graces every bar in Budapest.  The stories behind alcohol are often the stories of how our world was built. The old USAmerican judge with the jug of XXX white lightning on his stand, taking a nip Read More

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Magic Bob

“Magic Bob” is an excerpt from my first book, Down and Out in California. At the turn of the century, I’m honing my hustle. I find practice and three hundred dollars per day after taxes in California’s unique voter driven ballot initiative system. I am a paid petitioner. Human nature and how it relates to Read More