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Recently I’ve been going through old writing and found this piece on Walmart, which now is and seems dated. At the time I wrote this, I was in the middle of my twenties, and optimistic about the amount of time I would spend in Walmart in my life. For more from this time please check Read More

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Shower Sex Fantasy

June has always been my favorite month. And here we are. Washing the paint of our best virtual sex off with a shower sex fantasy. I like to fuck in June. “Texas ever been there?” he asks. “Been to every state, most more than once. Texas 4-5 times. In Texas I closed out the Honky Read More

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It’s a Ketamine story. The phone rings. I answer it thinking it B, we’re supposed to meet and discuss work and he has packages for me. He’s my first contact in Miami. He is generous to a fault. I never ask anyone for anything, but somehow feel comfortable enough asking him for things. “Hi B.” “You wish it Read More