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Burning Man 2000: Weather, Mr. T, and MSG

Burning Man 2000 is my third Burning Man. My tale of Burning Man 2000 is thankfully not on the same theme as the first two. It is not ONLY about being woefully unprepared. I was somewhat prepared, this time, it being my third time. This time, I’m ready to be there for a week and Read More

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Great Mistakes of Burning Man 1999

So many great mistakes and stupid lessons at Burning Man 1999. It was my second Burning Man.  Folks have a wonderful year the first year they go to Burning Man. Minds blown. Then come back to Burning Man for their second year and have a terrible time of it.  I call this “The Terrible Twos”, Read More

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Burning Man 1998

Burning Man 1998 is not something I plan. It’s July and I’m over at a horrible lover’s house who has invited me there and is now ignoring me as I sit alone in his living room near his roommate who is working, yet still trying to be nice to me because of the awkward situation. Read More

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Amazing Discovery: My Tokyo Trip

I buy my best friend birthday presents for years without nothing in return. He moves to Tokyo to pursue his dreams of finding a Japanese wife (I mean, other dreams too, but, that’s the one that counts).  There’s a point at which he emails me in a panic because every Japanese condom he has tried Read More

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Persian Stripper

I’m standing in the street frowning because I am now missing a Persian stripper, and I’m at Burning Man, and my BachelorX Party is just hours away, and it’s burn night, and I’m at the height of my Persian phase. Where am I going to find a Persian stripper on burn night? My Australian neighbor Read More

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Israeli Man at Burning Man

I am supposed to find someone, for some forgotten reason. Not looking for my first Israeli lover. Finding him is an accident. And so I visit a camp I never would, full of people, and ask around. I don’t find them. Instead, I find Nisim. A hot Israeli man. This hot Israeli man knows the Read More