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Being the Other Woman – Does it Count as D/s?

What does being the Other Woman have to do with D/s? I am vanilla. Just through and through to the core. Power dynamics are a lot of fun, but the moment they feel contrived I lose interest. All BDSM feels contrived to me.  That said, I’m involved in a relationship that has strong D/s elements Read More

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Stop. Falling. In. Love. With. Monogamous Men.

Latest excruciating self-torture in The Zoeverse: Falling in love with monogamous men. I don’t fantasize.  I replay. Recall an erotic encounter so intense I didn’t fully take it in, and then repeat it over and over again in my mind, deepening my relationship to it in every sweet, hot, juicy, dripping detail. Exquisite remembering. Perhaps Read More

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Is once a cheater, always a cheater true? I’ve cheated before but this is different. This isn’t cheating. I’m not a cheater. Everyone gets what they deserve. Seductress. Mistress. Homewrecker. I started cheating in my teens. At first online. Partying (as in game partying) with men a decade older in the online gaming of the Read More