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Baltic Vodka and “Cognac”: The Mission Continues in the Baltic Former SSRs

Why Baltic vodka and cognac? Of course you follow my work and have noted my noble mission to try a local cognac and a local vodka in every former Soviet Socialist Republic. For a Turkmenistan heavy view of seven of those successes, see my post: Drinking with Russians and Other Bad Ideas It is on Read More

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Drinking with Russians and Other Bad Ideas

I stand on the inside of the fence at the edge of the fire crater, because there are no real laws here at the Turkmenistan Gates of Hell, specifically. Because Turkmenistan is binary. Either it’s boxed or it’s wild. He stands on the outside of the fence and we pass the bottles back and forth Read More

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Singani or Grappa?

Grappa is the first beverage distilled from wine grapes or other fruit or must or pomace that I consume. It’s my twelfth birthday, and I am in Montecatini Terme, Italy, at a resort with my parents who are traveling on business. I’m at a long table for dinner, gorging on breadsticks and pasta and chocolate Read More