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Hundred Dollar Bills

I am watching my lover count $7,800 worth of hundred dollar bills. Then he moves into $5000 worth of twenties. I double count them for him, like a good gangstabitch. In these days of credit and debit, of chips and points, I must admit I’ve never seen that much cold hard green cash in one Read More

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Tweaker Pool

“So, yeah, at the bridge come off toward Rio Nido along the river” “Uh-huh” Phone between my chin and shoulder, I am writing this down on the back of an envelope, my pen is running out so I’m scribbling furiously to get the ink to flow again. “And then go, like, past where Rio Nido starts Read More

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Padding the Pushke

I’m out. I’m new to The City, I don’t have a hookup. When planning my day I mention it to S. She says the cat she’s staying with can get me some. I’m already wary. She’s mentioned mold in her room and various characters that sound somewhat sundry, no details. I roll up. I look Read More