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Balkan Weed 2

The second in my series of posts on Balkan weed… and rakija. Bulgaria I am told that I am not trying the best weed in Bulgaria, yet still I am sure that the best weed in Bulgaria is on the same spectrum as what I do try.  It isn’t good.  It’s clean enough, at least, Read More

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Buying Drugs in Iconic Places

I do not often, as a rule, find myself buying drugs on the street. Nor do I make exceptions for parks. I frown on other people buying drugs on the street, in almost all situations. This is because I have had realistic and horrid encounters with drugs of unknown origins. If I didn’t make it Read More

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Route 36

It starts out with an idea: Route 36, Bolivia. Bolivia shocks and woos me from the moment I land in La Paz. There is profound allure in Bolivian urban indigenous culture. I love cities, I love major metropolitan cities. The best cities are capital cities. I didn’t know it before I came to La Paz, Read More