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Real Viagra Stories

Fair warning: my real Viagra stories are mostly funny, not sexy, though of course there is sex involved in some of them. My real Viagra stories start with the admission that I have no REAL Viagra stories. The stories are all about sildenafil, in a rainbow of other forms, but none of them that holy Read More

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DMT Extraction: Divine Moments of Truth

It is of course The Mad Scientist who walks me through DMT extraction. But he doesn’t actually walk me through. He creates a set of step-by-step instructions. The Mad Scientist was always very good at step-by-step instructions, both following them and giving them.  So good, perhaps, that he bordered on overconfidence. In all the years Read More

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The Zoeverse Digest

The Zoeverse lives! Congratulations me! I’ve made it to 100 posts! You can count on me for two posts/week to The Zoeverse, usually on Mondays and Fridays.  My writing is sparse and there’s nothing to tie it all together other than your personal exploration of The Zoeverse. As a curation gift to that process, here’s Read More

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They call it “Bodymore” because at the time I visit it’s vying with Compton for the highest murder rate in the country.  I arrive at the police station to find the front door made out of plywood. It’s jerry rigged, the department doesn’t have enough funding to fix the door. Everyone enters through the back Read More



-I- They are all drifting in and out of sleep in the icosahedron, without sleeping pills. Curled in this Platonic solid she falls asleep, drifts in and out, finally rests her long body. Then it’s up, wiping the sleep from her addict eyes and to the Seroquel and Ambien, one is never enough for the Read More

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Buying Drugs in Iconic Places

I do not often, as a rule, find myself buying drugs on the street. Nor do I make exceptions for parks. I frown on other people buying drugs on the street, in almost all situations. This is because I have had realistic and horrid encounters with drugs of unknown origins. If I didn’t make it Read More

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Watching over-the-counter drug commercials targeted towards young mothers I am present to the classification of health problems by symptom and the idea of a drug as medicine. “Mommy – I have a cough.” “Here baby, here’s medicine for your cough.” (thin strips for accurate no deviation from the median dosing each time! For the average Read More

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Whoring for Lifetimes

I call this one Whoring for Lifetimes. I’ve told you parts of the story, but not all of it.  All of it is that I broke my wrist. Drunk. In my bathing suit on a bicycle and 300ml of potato vodka from Pennsylvania. My heart still broken from Rapid City, South Dakota. With another heartbreak Read More

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Colorado Cannabis Cup

My heart aches from Foryst still, but on hearing there will be a Colorado Cannabis Cup my ears perk. I head back into the arms of The Plant Whisperer, ever welcoming. And, I buy a ticket for a tour of World 420 Week that includes tickets to the Colorado Cannabis Cup. The first week in Read More

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It’s a Ketamine story. The phone rings. I answer it thinking it B, we’re supposed to meet and discuss work and he has packages for me. He’s my first contact in Miami. He is generous to a fault. I never ask anyone for anything, but somehow feel comfortable enough asking him for things. “Hi B.” “You wish it Read More