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Schoolgirl Roleplay and Drunken Blackout

Only once have I done a schoolgirl roleplay, and only once blacked out from too much alcohol, and even then I’m not sure it qualifies as a true drunken blackout. The schoolgirl roleplay and the drunken blackout are connected, but thankfully did not happen on the same day. My brief friend and later not-friend G Read More

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Bourbon, Scotch, and Tasmanian Whisky: At the end of the world just before the end of the world

Here are some thoughts on Tasmanian Whisky, Scotch, and Bourbon… but not in that order. Bourbon In the Beginning, there is Bourbon. My friends offer to take me on the Bourbon Trail when I am passing through Kentucky for the first time. Though I have never really been a fan of whiskey and know nothing Read More