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Maltese Lover

I feel unduly proud of myself for having sex in a car with a Maltese lover, because they are rare. Malta is small and placed at a nautical crossroads, but the defining characteristic of the archipelago called Malta is that it has no source of freshwater. This has limited and shaped Malta’s use and growth Read More

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We exchange so much online in so little time that in Barcelona I’m floored by the empathy in his kiss. I thought I knew him. How could I have missed that we are psychic? I always think I know him only to find out we know each other so little. So little. Yes. There we Read More

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I’m reeling from meeting DH when I find myself at Christiania every day I’m in Copenhagen. Still strung out on the intensity, and feeling oddly obligated. I’m in a daze, going through the sites of Copenhagen like I’m flipping through a guidebook. It doesn’t speak to me. I never see the mermaid. For a good Read More