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Cannabis in Argentina: Buenos Aires Weed

Buenos Aires weed is not the biggest draw. It’s the vibration of the city itself as expressed in everything there as well as the Buenos Aires weed that has me entranced.  I’m not sure why, but I fantasize about Buenos Aires for many years. I suppose it might be the impact of Evita, which has Read More

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Attack of the Clones (215 II)

This is the second in a series of pieces I wrote over a decade ago. Discover the era when having a California medical marijuana prescription and sometimes caring for cannabis clones was the only way to grow, use, or exchange cannabis in the United States. The name, or should I say, number of the Proposition Read More

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Mendo Strain

I’m smoking hash from a Mendo strain on a ranch in Mendocino County. I traveled here on winding roads. Winding roads through rugged beautiful country, redwoods and grey skies – through pocket-sized towns that make obvious the dominant industry, head shops, hydro shops, healthy restaurants and hippie goods sprinkled among the basic supplies for rural Read More