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Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part Three – Authentic Refinements

Authentic Refinements! Decent quality cannabis concentrates for the price. How I spent my 2020 lockdown? Trying some of Colorado’s best dabs! This is part three of my dab review series. You can see parts one and two here: Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part One Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part Two On to the reviews! Colorado’s Best Dabs: Read More

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I’m reeling from meeting DH when I find myself at Christiania every day I’m in Copenhagen. Still strung out on the intensity, and feeling oddly obligated. I’m in a daze, going through the sites of Copenhagen like I’m flipping through a guidebook. It doesn’t speak to me. I never see the mermaid. For a good Read More

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Colorado Cannabis Cup

My heart aches from Foryst still, but on hearing there will be a Colorado Cannabis Cup my ears perk. I head back into the arms of The Plant Whisperer, ever welcoming. And, I buy a ticket for a tour of World 420 Week that includes tickets to the Colorado Cannabis Cup. The first week in Read More