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When someone doesn’t trust you

When someone doesn’t trust you it undermines everything. I don’t trust you when you say you have emotions for me. I don’t trust your erection. Don’t trust you when you say you’d rather stay here than go home to your wife and kid.  I don’t trust your love. Nor your attraction. I don’t trust you Read More

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Stop. Falling. In. Love. With. Monogamous Men.

Latest excruciating self-torture in The Zoeverse: Falling in love with monogamous men. I don’t fantasize.  I replay. Recall an erotic encounter so intense I didn’t fully take it in, and then repeat it over and over again in my mind, deepening my relationship to it in every sweet, hot, juicy, dripping detail. Exquisite remembering. Perhaps Read More

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Experience Maintenance

After overthinking my heartbreak into a state of worsened emotional confusion and physical illness I realized that this was one of those days where healthy completion, communication, and resolution is not in order. Instead – raw hard escapism and the effects of nitrous oxide is would lift the malaise and clogged sinuses. One escape route Read More