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High School Reunion Hookup Stories: Coming With My Head On The Tracks

I’m definitely thinking about high school reunion hookup stories. It’s about 2002 and I’m near the end of 25 years of age. My high school skwod was tight and it’s not been long enough that we have stopped regularly seeing each other. This high school reunion is a chance to all clique up and travel Read More

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Online Flirt

“Hi.” he opens with a simple online flirt. I immediately put my fingers in my pussy. It’s two afternoons after our last online flirt. There have been sporadic online flirts in between, but now I sense longing. “One of small pleasures in my life is walking naked on to my balcony garden at night. I Read More

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Sex Agenda

What’s my sex agenda? I don’t want to play fucking games anymore, I want to play fucking games. I’m tired of him trying to sneak past the line without admitting to himself that that is what he is doing. Saying one thing, doing another. He wants to fuck me. He has a girlfriend. He’s fraught Read More