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Catalonian Cannabis – Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs

I’m full of anticipation writing this. I’m about to spend a month in Barcelona, and it is oh so much more complicated this third visit. This visit which won’t involve any Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs. They won’t be a part of this visit, for so many reasons. Socializing may be at a minimum. Whereas my Read More

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Cannabis in Uruguay

I had heard about legal cannabis in Uruguay before I first visited in January of 2016. Was eager enough to sample it, but wasn’t seeking it out. I didn’t have to. Everywhere I went in Uruguay there was cannabis growing. During second visit to Montevideo in December of 2017 there was still cannabis growing everywhere Read More

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Padding the Pushke

I’m out. I’m new to The City, I don’t have a hookup. When planning my day I mention it to S. She says the cat she’s staying with can get me some. I’m already wary. She’s mentioned mold in her room and various characters that sound somewhat sundry, no details. I roll up. I look Read More