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African Cannabis: Zanzibar 2021

In travel, timing is everything. Dreaming of Zanzibar, it was the spice trade and breadth of cultural and ethnic influences that drew me. Never the partying. Certainly not the promise of a Covid deniers paradise. But that’s the time I catch it. It’s February 2021 when I arrive. The president of Tanzania has made it Read More

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Cannabis in Uruguay

I had heard about legal cannabis in Uruguay before I first visited in January of 2016. Was eager enough to sample it, but wasn’t seeking it out. I didn’t have to. Everywhere I went in Uruguay there was cannabis growing. During second visit to Montevideo in December of 2017 there was still cannabis growing everywhere Read More

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Balkan Weed

I stay with stoners in Zagreb. Musicians who smoke Balkan weed constantly and tell me stories and sing and play for me. It’s January, and the temperatures hover around zero fahrenheit. I spend a surprising amount of time outside hunting brutalist architecture through the bitter cold and desolate streets – which makes an even better Read More

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Buying Drugs in Iconic Places

I do not often, as a rule, find myself buying drugs on the street. Nor do I make exceptions for parks. I frown on other people buying drugs on the street, in almost all situations. This is because I have had realistic and horrid encounters with drugs of unknown origins. If I didn’t make it Read More

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This is a story about marijuana addiction. Maybe. “Hi my name is Zoe and I’m an addict.” The only woman of color in the room hugs me and hands me a small, lavender-colored, plastic disc with “MA” printed on one side and “Keep Coming Back!” printed on the other. It hangs from a short chain. Read More