Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea is part 5 and the end of my series of posts on my cruise to nowhere. Read Part 1 here: Cruisenecks And read Part 2 here: Cannibal Isles And read Part 3 here: The Doldrums Lastly, please read Part 4 here: Cruise Ships Turned Away From Ports BANG! It sounds like an explosion. It rocks Read More

Africa Travel

18 African Covid Tests

I have now taken far more than eighteen Covid tests, but these were the first eighteen African Covid tests I took. All of them for travel in Africa, though the first one wasn’t technically taken in Africa. Boulder, Colorado. Drive-Through. My first of MANY Covid-19 PCR tests. I think these photos are barely legal, as Read More

Europe Taboo Travel

I picked up SARS-CoV-2 at Chernobyl and brought it to Auschwitz

It’s a Friday night in Krakow when I feel the first symptoms I suspect to be SARS-CoV-2. It feels like I’m about to get sick, but something is different. I feel hot, like I have an allergic reaction. Immediately, I suspect Covid. I’ve just been in Ukraine, which is experiencing a spike in the number Read More