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Cannibal Isles

This story of cannibal islands and the kava circle is part 2 of an ongoing series on my cruise to nowhere. See Part 1 here: Cruisenecks A few days at sea take us away from Australia into the open ocean and the cannibal islands. It is beautiful. I visit it as often as I can. Read More

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Secrets Huatulco Resorts

What to do when a couchsurfing experience goes awry? How about one night at an all-inclusive, adults-only resort. I grew up in the era of Club Med, which sounded exotic and fun, but was likely not something I would have enjoyed if I was an adult at the time. As a child I didn’t have Read More

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I’d say after twenty years the statute of limitations has run out on blogging about details of past relationships. I had a boyfriend who was a good man, whose only sin was a lack of self-confidence that led to a childhood of substance abuse and eventually a binge alcoholism justified by him in its relative Read More

Asia Taboo


What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever stolen?  Theft has different strains of appreciation and contempt across the world, but there are common threads. One of these is that perhaps nothing belongs to anyone anyway. Another is that it is punishable. And one of these is that a woman caught stealing doesn’t face the same consequence Read More


The Most Interesting Client In The World

An excerpt from my first book:
Down and Out in California

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