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The Doldrums

This story of the doldrums is part 3 of an ongoing series on my cruise to nowhere. See Part 1 here: Cruisenecks See Part 2 here: Cannibal Isles Sea travel is slow. In this day and age, the idea of reaching a destination over a course of days is very rare. It’s a rhythm that takes Read More

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Cruise during pandemic? Why not. I book my first cruise at what turns out to be the onset of the SARS-CoV-2 panic. Cruises are being described as “floating petri dishes”. Almost every cruise passenger signed up for this trip before the panic had built. Regulations shift constantly and the weeks leading up to it are Read More

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Voodoo in Ghana

I’ve been in Africa for months before I feel the voodoo in Ghana. Africa. Facing it. Global White Supremacy sitting inches from my face. Staring at me with all its ugly, warty, bad breath and leering control.  All the echoes of the script of hatred and fear that has been installed in me bounce off Read More

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas

My first memory of Texas is from when I was a child. It’s the only time I remember any overtly anti-Semitic action against myself or my family. We were walking down the street somewhere, not sure what part of the Lone Star State, but nowhere too rural as my parents were close enough to generations Read More


The Things You Miss

The life of a digital nomad. The things you miss?  The seasons changing. That slow bleed of one thing into another. Growth so slow you can’t see it happening in front of you. Transitions.  In the world of nomadery, everything is episodic. There is no flow. There are other rhythms that take the place. Comparisons. Read More

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Secrets Huatulco Resorts

What to do when a couchsurfing experience goes awry? How about one night at an all-inclusive, adults-only resort. I grew up in the era of Club Med, which sounded exotic and fun, but was likely not something I would have enjoyed if I was an adult at the time. As a child I didn’t have Read More

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Canada: The Pink Taser

Ah, the pink Taser. Miss that lil’ pink Taser. How all great novels are written I am sure. Slightly inebriated. Very stoned. Almost forgetting where the hotel room I’ve been staying for three days is located.  Masked for the plague and attracting the crying children as always. Why. Why do they come for me? Like Read More

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Singani or Grappa?

Grappa is the first beverage distilled from wine grapes or other fruit or must or pomace that I consume. It’s my twelfth birthday, and I am in Montecatini Terme, Italy, at a resort with my parents who are traveling on business. I’m at a long table for dinner, gorging on breadsticks and pasta and chocolate Read More

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Bribery in Uganda

The officer’s eyes burn into mine. It calls to mind Forest Whittaker’s performance as Idi Amin in Last King of Scotland, and the final shot of the film where the real news footage of Amin’s fiery stare leaves the viewers with some hint of deepest, darkest Africa. I think about corruption in Uganda. Bribery in Read More

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There have been centuries to write about Istanbul. It has existed as a city for thousands of years. It has withstood countless power shifts. The city exposes time. The ancient and modern are accessible. Unlike other cities that reveal their cutting edge innovations or their history – Istanbul is shameless about its age, and its Read More