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Hot Sex I Didn’t Have: Sexual Comedy Foursome with the HVAC Millionaires

It’s a sexual comedy, but it’s not erotica. Another in the series of Hot Sex I Didn’t Have. For more in sexual comedy in this series: Male Prostitute Pegging the Palace Guard The kind of body a man gets from working on top of roofs installing things in the sun is one of the sad Read More

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Weed in DC: The American Dream

Weed in DC brings a smile to my face more for the method of sales than the quality of product. The latter is fine, but the former is a lot of fun. Spending some time in New York during the gap between legalization of cannabis and setting up legal sales of cannabis, I hear of Read More

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas

My first memory of Texas is from when I was a child. It’s the only time I remember any overtly anti-Semitic action against myself or my family. We were walking down the street somewhere, not sure what part of the Lone Star State, but nowhere too rural as my parents were close enough to generations Read More

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Bourbon, Scotch, and Tasmanian Whisky: At the end of the world just before the end of the world

Here are some thoughts on Tasmanian Whisky, Scotch, and Bourbon… but not in that order. Bourbon In the Beginning, there is Bourbon. My friends offer to take me on the Bourbon Trail when I am passing through Kentucky for the first time. Though I have never really been a fan of whiskey and know nothing Read More

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Zwack Unicum and Family Legacy

I am fascinated by the story of Zwack Unicum. One of Hungary’s most prized national drinks, its signature bottle graces every bar in Budapest.  The stories behind alcohol are often the stories of how our world was built. The old USAmerican judge with the jug of XXX white lightning on his stand, taking a nip Read More

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Shower Sex Fantasy

June has always been my favorite month. And here we are. Washing the paint of our best virtual sex off with a shower sex fantasy. I like to fuck in June. “Texas ever been there?” he asks. “Been to every state, most more than once. Texas 4-5 times. In Texas I closed out the Honky Read More

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St Louis Man

My first visit to St Louis is a convergence of coincidence and strangeness and weather. Within one hour of arriving a friend I’ve just met who is hosting me, and who becomes a brother to me, is crying with me about our mutual friend who hung himself the year before.  RIP Kang. Within three hours Read More

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It’s a Ketamine story. The phone rings. I answer it thinking it B, we’re supposed to meet and discuss work and he has packages for me. He’s my first contact in Miami. He is generous to a fault. I never ask anyone for anything, but somehow feel comfortable enough asking him for things. “Hi B.” “You wish it Read More