The Zoeverse Digest Two

The Zoeverse lives! Congratulations me! I’ve made it to 200 posts!

You can count on me for two posts/week to The Zoeverse, usually on Mondays and Fridays. 

The Zoeverse

My writing is sparse and there’s nothing to tie it all together other than your personal exploration of The Zoeverse. As a curation gift to that process, here’s my first 99 posts, categorized and alphabetized:

The Zoeverse Digest

AND – here are posts 101-199:

Burning Man:

176 Burning Man 1998 186 Great Mistakes of Burning Man 1999 194 Burning Man 2000: Weather, Mr. T, and MSG

Book Excerpts:

128 Crush (Part 1 of 3): Working Crush at a Winery 129 Crush (Part 2 of 3): Working Crush at a Winery 130 Crush (Part 3 of 3): Working Crush at a Winery 185 Party on the Freeway: Driver #69, Part 1 188 Driving for a Living: Driver #69, Part 2 190 Delivering Cigarettes to a Hospital Bed: Driver #69, Part 3 197 Head Shop Job: You Mean Water Pipe 1 198 No B Words: You Mean Water Pipe 2 199 Kratom: You Mean Water Pipe 3 136 Hold For Sound: Part 1 137 Hold For Sound: Part 2 138 Hold For Sound: Part 3 139 Hold For Sound: Part 4 140 Hold For Sound: Part 5 131 How to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms… 154 I Do Windows: Part 1 (Excerpt from my book) 155 I Do Windows: Part 2 156 I Do Windows: Part 3 125 San Pedro 172 Smokerlyzer: Professional Control 1 174 I Sold My Jew Blood: Professional Control 2

Dab Reviews:

160 Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part One 168 Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part Two – Viola Extracts 170 Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part Three – Authentic Refinements

Digital Nomadery:

191 Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Places I Have Taken Meetings for Work 143 Getting into Bulgaria: Travel from Bucharest to Sofia via Paris 145 I picked up SARS-CoV-2 at Chernobyl and brought it to Auschwitz 144 The Things You Miss

Drugs and Places:

119 African Cannabis: Zanzibar 2021 146 Amazing Discovery: My Tokyo Trip 151 Balkan Weed 2 178 Brazilian Weed 158 Cannabis in Africa: South African Cannabis 174 Cannabis in Argentina: Buenos Aires Weed 102 Cannabis in Uruguay 116 Catalonian Cannabis – Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs 164 DMT Extraction: Divine Moments of Truth 193 Drama, Romance, and Mexican Ditch Weed in Puebla 180 New York Smells Like Weed Now – For Dad 120 Rwanda 124 Stimulating Chaw: Coca, Khat, Betel 183 Vaisyas, Weddings, and Ganja in Mumbai 150 Voodoo in Ghana 135 Washington State Cannabis Concentrates 182 Weed in DC: The American Dream

European Lovers:

142 Berlin Blind Date 173 Bathroom Sex 148 Coworkers With Benefits 147 Hot Bulgarian Coworker 175 Latex Fetish Sex with The Mad Scientist

Favorite Lover:

192 Being the Other Woman – Does it Count as D/s? 195 Favorite Lover 177 How Can I Write About Sex With You Now? 121 How Female Can I Make You Feel? 133 Let That Man Sleep 189 Romantic Sexy Story. Favorite Lover. Perfect Cock. 122 When Someone Doesn’t Trust You

Favorite Lover, Cybersex Duet (this section is in chronological rather than alphabetical order):

104 Want You (Sexy Messages) 107 Hot Sexy Stories 109 Erotic Stories 112 Orgasms Litter My Day: Free Sexy Reads 187 Erotic Story: “i need to fuck you”


141 Baltic Vodka and “Cognac”: The Mission Continues in the Baltic Former SSRs 134 Bourbon, Scotch, and Tasmanian Whisky: At the end of the world just before the end of the world 111 Drinking with Russians and Other Bad Ideas


110 “John, you exploded my client.” The Adventures of Dirk Jones 108 Not Me: Times I Didn’t Get Raped 169 The Slave Quarters of Uschi Obermaier

Pandemic Cruise to Nowhere:

152 Cruisenecks 159 Cannibal Isles 163 The Doldrums 165 Cruise Ships Turned Away From Ports 167 Lost at Sea


114 7 Threesomes in 7 Days 184 Hot Sex I Didn’t Have: Sexual Comedy Foursome with the HVAC Millionaires 166 (Not Really) Hot BBW Erotica with Romeo 179 Roommate Sex 196 Schoolgirl Roleplay and Drunken Blackout 101 Strap-On


162 18 African Covid Tests 106 Accidental Buzkashi Tajikistan and the elusive Tajik Sheep Horse 103 Atlanta Male Strippers (and a Sugardaddy): Single in the Dirty South 115 Big Dick Energy: Kurupi, Tokoloshe, Kokopelli 171 Cu Chi Tunnels Firing Range: Guns in Vietnam 181 Don’t cry for me, Cartagena: Jewish James Bond 149 Everything’s Bigger in Texas 123 Kuwait Money 127 Secrets Huatalco Resorts 117 What is Sonagachi?

USAmerican Lovers:

132 Dating Site Stories: Gino the Small Town Lawyer 105 Door to Door Salesman 118 Garden Sex: The Plant Whisperer’s Garden 157 High School Reunion Hookup Stories: Coming With My Head On The Tracks 113 Just Sex 161 OKCupid Date: Dabs and Fucking 168 Revenge Porn 126 Wholesome Clark Withholding Sex

The First Digest (posts 1-99)


Incoming Transmission!

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