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The Zoeverse Digest

The Zoeverse lives! Congratulations me! I’ve made it to 100 posts!

You can count on me for two posts/week to The Zoeverse, usually on Mondays and Fridays. 

The Zoeverse

My writing is sparse and there’s nothing to tie it all together other than your personal exploration of The Zoeverse. As a curation gift to that process, here’s my first 99 posts, categorized and alphabetized.

Autonomous Communities:

23 CHOP 21 Christiania

Book Excerpts:

55 Istanbul 45 Magic Bob 9 The Most Interesting Client In The World

Drugs and Places:

81 Balkan Weed 47 Bangkok 67 Buying Drugs in Iconic Places 75 Cannabis in India: Bhang 51 Happy Pizza 98 Hash: Jordan 48 Italian Cars and Cocaine 7 (Keta)Miami 26 Puente Alto 30 Route 36 37 Vegas 89 Venice, California 53 Weed: Israel and Palestine

Drug Dealers/Manufacturers:

35 Mendo 25 Padding the Pushke 32 Tweaker Pool

Drug Experiences:

20 Experience Maintenance 40 Gateway 34 Synergy 69 Somnambulastories 10 Whoring for Lifetimes

Drug Philosophy:

42 Afterparty 41 Anonymous 84 Hundred Dollar Bills 57 Medicine 17 Plant 90 Walmart

European Lovers:

38 The European Lovers: Amsterdam (Live Sex Shows) 50 Maltese Lover 36 Tantra

The First Post:

1 Cosanguineous

Favorite Lover:

24 Barcelona 19 Hookup 79 Speaking of the Future

Favorite Lover, Cybersex Duet (this section is in chronological rather than alphabetical order):

44 Halloween Lover 54 Your Cock 58 Pentecost Lover 60 Your Cunt 64 Shower Sex 68: 4th of July Orgasms 72 Cyberfuck Duet 73 Empty Me 77 Fuck 80 Hard 82 And then we talk of the pandemic 83 20% Battery 86 Fingers in my Pussy 88 Hot 92 Side of Shibari 95 Three Day Blowjob 96 Naked in the Dark 97 Or is it?

Indian Lovers:

76 Agenda 62: The Indian Lovers: Ramadan 22 Will He or Won’t He?

Israeli Lovers:

33 The Israeli Lovers: Nisim

The Law:

63 Bribery in Uganda 94 Bodymore 93 Canada: The Pink Taser 15 Homeland Security 18 Stowaway

Legal Cannabis:

87 Attack of the Clones (215 II) 8 Colorado Cannabis Cup 85 Scrip (215 I)


43 Dogfucker 28 Ruta Del Mezcal 65 Singani or Grappa 71 Zwack Unicum and Family Legacy

Persian Lovers:

13 Becoming a Cougar 3 The Persian Lovers: The First Persian 39 Persian Stripper

Persian Lovers: Bardia (this section is in chronological rather than alphabetical order):

2 Young Persian Lover 12 Babysitter 16 Hot Cougar Roleplay 59 The Persian Lovers: Bardia at Cambridge

Polyamory, Monogamy, Cheating:

14 Cheater 27 Stop. Falling. In. Love. With. Monogamous Men. 91 Stuck

Russian Lovers:

52 Russian Kazakh Lover 70 The Russian Lovers: Dima


46 Anal Sex 49 Hot Sex I Didn’t Have: $599 Male Prostitute 56 Hot Sex I Didn’t Have: Pegging the Palace Guard 29 Mile High Club

USAmerican Lovers:

5 The American Lovers: South Dakota I 6 The American Lovers: South Dakota II 31 The American Loveres: St Louis 66 Johnny the Cheesemonger 11 Make America Great Again 78 Nigeria is the Future 99 Sex with The Madman 4 Use A Condom

Water Experiences:

61 Flotation 74 Tsunami-San

Incoming Transmission!

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