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Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part Two – Viola Extracts

Viola Extracts! One of my favorite concentrates producers. How I spent my 2020 lockdown? Trying some of Colorado’s best dabs! This is part two of my dab review series. You can see part one here: Colorado’s Best Dabs: Part One

On to the reviews!

Viola Extracts

Colorado’s Best Dabs: Viola Extracts

This has been my standby concentrates brand every time I’ve visited Colorado. Love their consistent work.

I clearly got more into the reviews as they went on, so please bear with the early ones. 🙂

Viola Extracts Muffinz
Muffinz – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

My favorite lately, Muffinz, a hybrid strain of live resin from Viola Extracts in Denver, Colorado. Definitely some of Colorado’s best dabs.

Viola Extracts Water Ghost

A hybrid live resin from Viola called Water Ghost, which is a mix of Water OG and Ghost Cookies. Comes out kind of muddy and bleagh feeling for my taste. Not my favorite mix of theirs.

Viola Extracts Colorado Chem
Colorado Chem – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

Meh. I thought I’d try to show some more love for Colorado but I am actually not the biggest fan of strains that originated here. This is Colorado Chem or Colorado ChemDawg – an energizing hybrid that always feels to me like I’ve inhaled nothing. This one is a live resin from Viola Extracts, who consistently do a fine job with their concentrates so I blame the strain for the underperformance.

Viola Extracts Member Berries
Member Berries – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

A lovely tasting live resin from Viola Extracts again (they had a 10% off 420 special…). The strain is Member Berries, a hybrid with a strong, tart, fruity smell and taste.

Viola Extracts Chunky Glory
Chunky Glory – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

I am sad to give so many meh reviews, but Chunky Glory is another muddled hybrid that doesn’t do any of it’s parentage justice. Still, Viola Extracts does a consistent, reliable job on their quality live resin action. I am hoping to dab on something more exciting soon as I’m noting a high percentage of “meh” in my most recent order.

Viola Extracts Lemon WiFi
Lemon Wifi – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

Mmmmmmhmmmm. Lemon WiFi blend by Viola Extracts (Lemon OG and WiFi OG). Good balanced hybrid. Earthy, lemony, tasty. Can’t go wrong with these guys. Consistency.

Viola Extracts Double Mandarin
Double Mandarin – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

After dabbing on rosin for a few days this Double Mandarin live resin from Viola Extracts hit super nice. Note it’s about 20% more THC content than the live rosin. That’s what solvents get you. I love Viola for their consistency and because I have a purple washcloth with their logo that I won at a 420 dispensary giveaway that has occasionally served as my only towel while traveling.

Also love that they practice mixology with strains to create their own new, never before dabbed strains for concentrates. This is a mixture of Mandarin Cookies and Mandarin Sunset, which is even more interesting because Mandarin Sunset is a parent strain to Mandarin Cookies. It smells of citrus, but more lemon than orange, with a base of diesel and notes of pine. The taste though is pure mandarin, and just absolutely delicious. The feeling of the high is great, clear and uplifting, but this stands out because of its aroma – it is one of best dabs I’ve had as far as smell and taste. Leaves the inside of my nose coated in orangey goodness.

Viola Extracts Slap N Tickle
Slap N Tickle – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

It’s always amusing to me when things fit their names well. The last two strains I’ve tried have really done that. This is Slap N Tickle in live resin form by Viola Extracts. As you can see, it is lovely. Usual consistent terpy goodness from Viola. The smell has that deep, complex, hard to describe Chemdawg funk of gasoline and mothballs and fermentation. It doesn’t smell like something you’d want to taste, and doesn’t taste like much at all. Immediately tickle to the third eye, a big wallop of indica that leaves as quickly as it came, leaving that underlying tickle spreading. Typical Colorado strain, trying endlessly to create the perfect hybrid. This isn’t it, but it’s fun!

Viola Extracts Clem Cake
Clem Cake – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

Colorado loves orange. Another beautiful hybrid live resin from Viola Extracts. This time it’s Clem Cake which I’m assuming is a mix of Clementine and either Wedding or Birthday Cake. The former is a Tangie derived citrus-heavy energizing sativa. The latter a muscle-relaxing, sweet-tasting indica. Clem Cake seems to have gotten more Clem than Cake, very light, energizing, and orange-tasting.

Viola Extracts Vader Dawg
Vader Dawg – Live Resin – Viola Extracts

Well, I deem life too short for crappy dabs, so now I am restricting my purchases to brands that have proved high quality consistency, and that are sold at my local dispensary, which, even though I’ve never lived here in Boulder, Colorado, I’m loyal to because they have flights, which are absolutely the way to keep me as a customer of anything (samplers). It’s simply less money for the same product and also a smaller, more locally owned option than many in town (here’s looking at you Fresh Baked Dispensary!).

So, it’s a live resin from Viola Extracts who just consistently deliver good shit, man. This is Vader Dawg, which I’m going to assume is a cross between Vader OG (indica, but strong euphoric notes), and Chemdawg, which if you are learning about marijuana strains of the US, it would be in your 101 class (sativa, parent of all the strains mentioned in hip-hop: like OG Kush). So, another nice Colorado hybrid with that unmistakable dawg funk (diesel meets rot) taken more herbal by the Vader, notes of forest and pepper. Yum!

…to be continued…

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